Types of Stories


Story Form Review

What is the difference between a news, a feature and an editorial story? What is a journalism story vs. a creative writing story? We will review types of stories and revise our PB WIKI pages this week for spelling, formatting, and story formats. Bring your editing skills this week!

Newspaper Writing Tips 


Feature vs. News - with Samples


News Story Practice

Review the format and requirements for a news story and update your Fairy Tale Lane News Stories during class. If not completed, finish for homework.

Elements of a News Story

News Story Tips

News Story Format 




Additional Practice with News - Five W and an H

Feature Story Practice/Review

Review what it means to write the feature story. What makes the feature different than the news story? Compare and contrast the two styles of writing and learn to identify the similarities and differences between these two journalistic writing forms.

Elements of Feature Stories

Feature vs. News


Writing to Inform - review

Editorial Story Practice/Review

 What form does a well-written editorial take? What makes it different than the other stories in the newspaper? Read through the items for additional background for the quiz coming soon. 

Do's and Don'ts for editorials

Tips for the Editorial Story

How Newspapers Determine Editorial Content

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Templates

Pulling it All Together!

You have all the tools  - make sure your stories on your PB wiki have been updated. Be sure to refer back to the resources for tips and guides. Let's get writing!