Newspaper Hunt – “Election” Scavenger Hunt

This is sort of a race.

1.    Type down the questions.

  • A quote from a candidate with his or her name
  • A story about the election
  • An important issue
  • An unflattering word about a politician
  • A political editorial
  • An election idea you agree with
  • An election idea you disagree with
  • A state that is important in this election
  • The name of a member of a candidate's family

2.    Include the following below the question:

a.       SECTION PAGE Number DAY and DATE (ex. A1 Monday, October 13, 2008)

b.      Headline of the story you found with the information (big words summarizing the story)

c.       Quote or word (if specifically requested – from within the story)

3.    SAVE as HUNT (P_HuntYourlastname).

You will have time to complete on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008. Get as much information as you can from today’s paper.

HINT: If someone cannot find where you got your information from, you will NOT get credit for the answer.