WIKI's in this class can be thought of as a digital portfolio. You can upload files (in case your printer is out of ink), keep track of both rough drafts and final drafts, insert images created in class, etc. 

A few rules....

  •  EDIT ONLY your own individual and group pages. 
  • When editing, be sure to include your name and the classroom email account. This will allow the instructor to be alerted when you have made changes (i.e. finished an assignment). 
  • LOG OUT when done.  If you log in, log out. 
  • BE APPROPRIATE  and remember your audience. Our WIKI's are occasionally made public, so no first and last names, demographics, etc. (we'll talk about the requirements). 
  • REMEMBER - this is NOT IM'ng, or social networking, this is an academic exercise and you must use appropriate language and proper etiquette. (we'll talk about it the first week or so in class).