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Registration Questions 2011-2012

Freshman Planning Guide

Thank you for your support of technology/computer courses here at ESMS. Due to budget issues, the school board has deemed these classes no longer needed and at the present time are not planning on offering any of the publishing or garageband courses next year. We hope that this will be able to be rescinded and that the classes will be able to be offered. For the upcoming registration, there will be a place to indicate that, if they are offered, you'd like a spot in the classes, just in case.

Please stay tuned.

For more information, please review the ESUSD Board Docs document regarding this situation. The full document and audio file can be found at then click on ABOUT US>Board of Education>Board Agendas and Minutes>Enter Public Site>Meetings>Click on 2011> Look for the March 8, 2011 Regular Board Meeting. This was also the meeting where notices for lay-offs were given for certificated staff, again, unfortunately due to budget cuts. Hopefully, all will be restored but it all depends on the budget.

If you need pictures that you cannot take... fill out this form>>Click Here

Tween Tribune Post Count

Computer Publishing_Syllabus

News from the Classroom....


Feature Story Checklist

How to Finish off your Pieces

Week of March 28 - April 2

MONDAY - KYB and 10 key test - record your scores.

  • work on brochures -- due Wednesday (see list below for the requirements).
  • be sure that all the following are done and complete:
    • ENERGY PSA's done, dropped, reflection completed
    • NURSERY RHYME done, dropped, reflection completed
    • BROCHURE - saved and then uploaded; shared with Ms. Maye via google apps
  • Reviews are coming due this week!
TUESDAY - Create the flyer assignment. You need to create the flyer exactly as it is presented. You will have today and part of tomorrow to complete the assignment for a client. The best ones from each class will be presented to the client for review. Must be completed in MS word and then your final copy uploaded. Save as P__IB_Yourlastname(s). Be sure somewhere on the flyer to include the copyright symbol and your First and Last Names and the Period.

WEDNESDAY - Haiku's about current events. Be sure to add to your journal. Haiku's have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.
  • Finish the flyer for the client. They will be reviewing them tomorrow and giving changes to those designs that they liked.
THURSDAY - TENT CARD about your project. It should include your name, the nursery rhyme you changed, your first and last name and the period. This will stay at your desk.
  • Media Walk About... get your scratch, animation up and running. Everyone will have a review form (see below) available for reviewing your project. Be sure that you have
FRIDAY -- TENT CARD about your project. It should include your name, the nursery rhyme you changed, your first and last name and the period. This will stay at your desk.
  • Media Walk About... get your scratch, animation up and running. Everyone will have a review form (see below) available for reviewing your project. Be sure that you have

Week of March 21 - 28th

MONDAY - Worked on BRO (brochure) documents. Took class picture for yearbook. Worked on dropping energy projects. Will continue dropping them tomorrow.
TUESDAY - More on the brochure and how to format. Energy PSA's dropped and Energy reflections completed. Nursery Rhyme's are due this week along with the reflection. Yearbook assignments for those who are done with all and want to help get the book completed for our Friday Drop Dead Deadline.
WEDNESDAY - Keyboarding and 10 Key log in and test. Nursery Rhymes and Brochure work. Nursery Rhyme's are due this week along with the reflection. Yearbook assignments for those who are done with all and want to help get the book completed for our Friday Drop Dead Deadline.
THURSDAY - Last call for Nursery Rhymes!
FRIDAY - Media Festival -- celebrate your incredible work!

Week of March 7 - 10 (11th is a Pay Cut Day - No School)

MONDAY - Review the requirements for the assignment - choice activity in moodle. Read the requirements and review if you need any questions answered. All yearbook assignments are due this week - so if you are working on that item, please get the work completed before any work on your nursery rhyme project.
TUESDAY - KYB/10key test - Nursery Rhyme check in - show progress, help 6th graders get started on their nursery rhymes. Finish yearbook work.
WEDNESDAY - Journal entry - how is your nursery rhyme project going? What do you need help with? Work on nursery rhymes.
THURSDAY - Choice check in on moodle - will you be done by the end of next week?

Week of Feb. 28 - March 4

MONDAY - Journal Entry _ What program do you think you will use for your project and explain why you chose that program. Finish your rhymes in your journals. Review of the programs and how they work. Powerpoint; scratch practice.
TUESDAY - Keyboarding test/10-key. Record your scores in the scoresheet. Work on your animation project.
WEDNESDAY - How are you changing your nursery rhyme/fairy tale? Explain in a paragraph in your journal.
THURSDAY - States and capitals practice on Work on your animations.
FRIDAY - Competition (you will be put into teams) to complete a task. Be ready to share your creation.

January 31 - February 6

  • YBK PLAN Evaluation on file   Move right Move Update Delete Hide
    MONDAY - reflection on the yearbook planning assignment. Check all your grades, if you have completed, and/or are missing check with Ms. Maye. For those who are caught up, you need to create a plan on how you are going to get your beat assignments ready for the yearbook. Remember, your topic may be in a variety of places depending on which ladder we decide upon. You must have all your interviews done, pictures taken and be ready to produce your final layouts by the end of this week.

    ADD your plan to your BEAT assignment that is already shared with me. Put the new information at the top and do NOT delete anything that is already there. If you have the students' names and responses to the interviews, we have pictures, but you will need to make a list and put that list in your BEAT google document so that we can make sure you have the images by Friday on your own computer to work with.

    TUESDAY - Guest Teacher
    KYB/10-key assignment
    5 Tween Tribunes due today
    You will not be able to work with the cameras today, but make sure that anything else that you are missing for this quarter is done and made up. Wednesday, my gradebook closes.

    WEDNESDAY - Grade check . Be sure that you have EVERYTHING that needs to be don completed and that Ms. Maye is aware of anything that needs to be made up (use the Why I Left The Room- regrade section) so that you are sure that all your hard work is accounted for in the gradebook).

    If you need just that little push, log into my access. Choose from one of the three essays that are currently available. Be sure to revise and submit at least three times for a score of at least a 4 or above to be considered for that lowest assignment that you have in the gradebook. If you are happy with your grade, you may complete one of the three for insurance for next semester, but they will close on the yearbook deadline of Feb. 18th and there will be NOT ADDITIONAL ways to have any insurance for your grade.

    OPTION ONE: Bullying


    In the aftermath of several widely reported incidents of school violence across the nation, many parents, teachers, and students are examining the problem of school bullying. To avoid potential tragedies, your school board is considering implementing a policy to address the incidence of bullying.

    Write a letter to your local school board in which you discuss the need for a policy to prevent bullying in your school and suggest what steps this policy should take to prevent bullying from occurring.

    OPTION 2: The Importance of Reading

    The Importance of Reading

    All of us have heard time and time again from parents and from teachers that reading is important. Why do you think reading is so essential?

    Write a multi-paragraph essay explaining why reading books, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of writing is so important. Make sure to include specific details and examples to support your argument.

    OPTION THREE: The Necessity of Homework

    The Necessity of Homework

    Some parents at your school have started a campaign to limit the amount of homework that teachers can give to students. Teachers at your school have argued that all of that homework is necessary. Do you think that there should be a limit on homework? How many hours of homework per night do you think a student should have to do?

    Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper stating your position on the need for homework. Support your opinion with convincing reasons, details, and examples

    If you do not have your myaccess log in information please see Ms. Maye.

    and final voting on the yearbook layouts and ladders
    Yearbook work.

Week of January 24-28th

This week you will be presenting your yearbook plan to the class (starting Wednesday). Monday you will have time to polish your presentations and finish your designs. Tuesday you will have a chance to practice your presentations. Wednesday we will start -- it will probably take a few days.

You also need to start collecting photos, getting those interviews done for your beats and whatever else we come up with that we need to add to the coverage for the yearbook. We should have the portrait pictures loaded by the yearbook company this week so once we decide on the layouts for those pages, we can get those flowed and you can start working on your other content for the book.

Cameras will be charged up and available for check out. Remember, you MUST return the camera to my box in the office as soon as you are finished with it -- you cannot hold it until you see me later in the day and you cannot take them home. Thank you for being considerate of the equipment and your fellow students' schedules as well.

You will need to schedule group shots for all clubs, and classes,groups, etc.

PRESENTATION GUIDELINES/YEARBOOK WORK for this week (also on moodle and under esmstechlessonplans)

3. Finish your ladders and sample layouts. The list of events is available through a link in moodle. If you think of anything that I've missed, please be sure to add them to your ladder. I will hopefully have some printed copies for you as well.

4. Using googledocs - to create a presentation saved as P__YBKPlan_The last name of the person's account you used. Share the presentation with: me and all the other members of the group. Remember, only one person can actually be editing at a time.

Your Presentation Must contain:

  • An explanation of how you arranged the book and why
  • How you are proposing to handle the staff/teachers in the book
  • How you are going to get all the events into the book and your rationale of why you you doing it that way
  • Why you chose the number of pages for the "mug" or "portrait" or "head shots" sections.
  • Your sample pages that are exported from the yearbook program and uploaded into google docs and linked so that you can access them from the presentation. If the files are too large to upload, don't get frustrated while I am out... we can just access them from the yearbook program during your presentations.
  • Title slide with names of all the team members , the period, what pages you used and the user name that you used to create the samples.
MONDAY - TUESDAY finish presentations
WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY - present your recommendations and vote for the layouts that you want to be used for the sections
Next week - ready to get the pages started and be sure to collect your information for your beat and anything else that we come up with from our presentations.

Week of January 18 - 21st - No School Monday

This week, you will be working with your assigned groups and planning the yearbook sections, ladder, and coming up with design templates for us to use in the production of the yearbook. Each group will need to determine what they think is the ideal number of pages for each section, where to place all the content, how to handle covering the content of the beat assignments and other events that we brainstorm as a class. By Friday, every group should have a plan for ready to present for their version of the 2011 yearbook, including the completed worksheets and ladder layout.

You will be graded on how well you work as a group, complete all the parts of the assignment, and present  your ideas.

The actual assignment description for this week is in moodle. Please review to be sure that you are completing all parts of the assignments. A list of the physical assignments that are due will be added later this week.

Week of January 10 - 13th - No school Friday, Jan. 14th or Monday, Jan. 17th

This week we are entering a few contests from some of the programs that we have been working on and giving everyone a chance to catch up on self-evaluations, practice dropping pages, and getting some more entries for Tween Tribune.

Next week, we will be in full yearbook mode, so be prepared! If you missed anything last week, be sure to complete it this week! If you could not get your pages to the server, do the same process with your Tween Tribune entry using the Google Apps version. The google apps will work the same way as the yearbook program -- you just need to go to file and print first.


  • Tween Tribune Contest Entry (tween tribune) - linked on Moodle. Just copy and paste only the body of the message into tween tribune. APPLE + C (to copy) then log in and click on CREATE ENTRY. Then click in the box, and APPLE + V (to paste). Choose your grade level. If you don't want yours considered, at the end of your entry, type DNE (for do not enter). Must be between 25 - 100 words. DO NOT include your heading or the title -- you will need all of your words. POINTS - 50 possible (based on: correct number of words; sticking to the prompt; including just the body; strength of answer, completed on time).
  • Copy of Tween Tribune Contest Entry on google apps (saved as P_TTech_Your last name). Be sure to share it with me so that I can cross-check your tween entry with the one on google aps. POINTS - 10 pts. (Heading, saved with proper title, completed on time, shared with teacher).
  • contest entry - handwritten letter to military personnel to give thanks for what they are doing for us. Again, if you do not want your letter entered, you just put in the bottom left corner DNE (Do Not Enter). Linked on moodle. POINTS - 30 points (formatted as a letter; handwritten and legible; fits on one 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper; your email address or address is included; completed on time; written to the prompt).

Week of January 3 - January 7, 2011

This week we are learning the yearbook software and practicing making templates for our pages. Check moodle for the actual assignments. Please learn to be patient -- this yearbook software is very powerful, however, it is also a little touchy which is why you really don't want to wait until the last minute to complete your work.

  • Yearbook Design Challenge (see description on moodle). Remember, you have to redo the work. If you have it done, you need to FASTER PROOF It so that you can add it to the server the next day. 
  • YBKDESIGN documents (on server). Items need to be dropped on the server. PC's on the white pen drive. Big 4 Four Computers, let me know and I can save them for you on the server directly.
  • YBKDESIGN reflection (
  • TRADITIONS/SLAM Reflection ( - many of you did not get to this before the holidays, so here it is so you can make it up. After every large assignment (something that we work on for more then two or three days) we will be completing a reflection on quia. Some will require writing that will require the instructor to review the work  so you won't automatically know your actual score.
  • TWEEN TRIBUNE posts -- if you updated them over the break let me know. The goal is to have at least five that are publishable each week, so if you have some extra time when done with something in class or just need to get some ideas for your beat story, Tween Tribune is a great place to go.

December 13 - December 19

  • Kicked off Facebook Assignment
  • YEARBOOK SURVEY Assignment 

    MONDAY (KYB/10-key test- record it)

    • Finish the KICKED OFF FACE BOOK (on last week's moodle)

    • Complete the YEARBOOK SURVEY (on this week's moodle)
    • Editorial - Take a stand! Share your ideas on MOODLE: Kicked Off FaceBook
    TUESDAY (debate)
    • Discuss your stand on the KICKED OFF FACEBOOK debate
    • Debate!
    • Complete the yearbook survey (on moodle); if time permits
    WEDNESDAY (yearbook planning)
    • Yearbook survey completed
    • Start planning based on packets (provided). Please don't write on the packets, you will need to complete the exercises in your notebooks unless told otherwise.
    THURSDAY (yearbook theme development)
    • Continue work on theme development
    • Making lists of your top items from yesterday and working with your groups
    FRIDAY (Theme Development continues)
    • Work on what your group would like to see more of in the book including ideas on how to complete the coverage
    • Start looking for layouts that you like in magazines (ask permission to bring in the pages for our idea board)
    • Work on theme development.
    NOTE: All beat stories/pictures/images must be saved to the server and copied to the newspaper site before you leave this week.

Week of Dec. 6-10th

  • MONDAY (caption/facebook)

  • Create a Caption: head to this website. Put your caption in your journal on Moodle. 

  • Editorial - Take a stand! Share your ideas on MOODLE: Kicked Off FaceBook
TUESDAY  (debate/rough draft)
  • Work on your traditions stories based on the edits.
  • Create a list of things that you will be doing to complete your assignment this week. Add them to your google document for your BEAT story. 
  • Discuss your stand on the KICKED OFF FACEBOOK debate
  • Work on Beat/General Assignment Work - they are due this Thursday at the end of class. Rough Draft Due today.
WEDNESDAY (paragraph/peer edit)
  • Finish your paragraph in Moodle: Kicked off Facebook
  • Peer Edit your work for this week's assignment
THURSDAY (final draft)
  • Final draft of your assignment due
    • teacher must check, then send to either the server (podcasts, picture collages) or copy and paste to the newspaper site (news articles and lists)
  • Self-Assessment on
FRIDAY (debate)
  • You will be debating your issues about facebook in a live debate.

Week of Nov. 15-19th

  • MONDAY - KYB/10Key Test - New Seats
    • practice tests on
    • assignment on moodle
  • TUESDAY - leads practice using Tween Tribune
    • review assignment on moodle
    • finish pre-tests
    • quiz on quia
    • start Fairy Tale Lane Tragedy

Week of Nov. 8-10th - Short week. Minimum days Mon. - Wed. and no school Thursday or Friday.

  • MONDAY - Leads practice (see moodle for details)
  • TUESDAY - Leads/story practice (see moodle for details)
  • WEDNESDAY - Fly Girl Notes -- something to think about for Veteran's Day.

Week of Nov. 1 - Nov. 1

QOW: What are the main purposes of the newspaper?

  • MONDAY: Notes on the main purposes of the newspaper and news, features, editorials (see link on moodle to the notes we took in class).
    • review types of stories
    • brainstorm story idea.
    • style book and practicing how to identify and attribute quotes
    • quiz time for individual practice
    • numbers, titles, and more  (oh My)
    • quiz time and practice
    • story pitches made
    • quizzes due
    • covering meetings/speeches

Week of Oct. 25 - Oct. 29

QOW: How do you take your interviews and turn them into stories? 

  • MONDAY: KYB and 10-key test -- aim for 100% accuracy, but only do two tests for typing and one for the 10-key. Add your scores to the score link found at TECH RESOURCES. 
    • Log onto moodle. 
    • 20 minute story card.... 
      • you will be randomly paired up with another student. 
      • you need to interview that student and then on the back of a 4x6 (lined side) index card, write a story about them. Be sure to work in at least a quote. After interviewing, switch (you will have about 10 minutes per person to interview). 
      • on the un-lined side of the card, be sure that you include a heading (last name, first name; period, date) and put your headline on this side of the paper. 
      • good luck! if your partner happens to be absent,  or there is an unequal number (so you cannot work in pairs, you can get approval from the teacher to go into a group of three). 
    • You only have 20 minutes to interview and then about 10 minutes to write your story. 
  • TUESDAY - Review your 20 minute stories
    • INTERVIEW tips/techniques
      • Sample Interviews -- which of the three samples is better and why?
      • What makes a good interview question?
      • What is the main purpose of conducting an interview?
    • Review the types of interviews and questions (vocab)
      • Question Writing Practice
        • President
        • Stock Questions (individual practice)
  • WEDNESDAY - Feature Story Breakdown
    • Vocab and Terms -- what are they?
    • Parts of a Story (whole class review)
      • practice identifying on your own
    • Types of stories - pros/cons what they have in common
      • find examples and copy and paste the headline/first paragraph/link to the story url into a presentation. You will be working in teams. 
  • THURSDAY - Feature Story Practice - parts and pieces (individual work)
    • finish ppt's with teams
    • review terms from the week (
  • FRIDAY - Feature Story/Interview Question/Term Review
    • qiuz on terms learned this week - you may use your notes!
    • present your findings from the samples
    • Finish any of your own stories that you need to touch up
      • by next Friday everyone must have a completed assignment

Week of Oct. 18-22

QOW: What are some of the challenges of covering a topic?
  • MONDAY - Review the question from last week.
    • Complete FOUR PLACES THAT on your own. That is your ticket to being able to work on your rough draft. 
    • Add at least three new comments to Tween Tribune - be sure to add you First Name, the First Initial of your Last Name and the Period you are enrolled in, within the body of the message (no first and last names) so that I know who to give credit to. 
    • Must add some work to your document from yesterday in order to get credit. 
    • Turn in the three sheets (Organization Data Sheet, School Inventory Sheet, and Beat Sheet)
    • Sign up for cameras, set up appointments, and keep working on your stories. Rough drafts due at the end of the class today in google apps. 
    • Student Peer Editing - you must get comments on your story from two of your classmates and be sure to have it shared with the instructor. Comments will be added to your story for revisions tomorrow. 
    • Finish revising the stories/segments. Should be close to complete at the end of class today. Since instructor has been absent, you will have until the end of class on Friday to complete the final stories/segments for this week. 
    • complete your final edits. 
    • complete the beat assignment weekly check-in. 

Week of Oct. 11-15

QOW: How do you cover a topic?

  • MONDAY - Review question from last week. Story Idea Exercise.
    • review topics
    • review how to cover a topic - Organization sheets handed out. Due by Thursday. .
  • TUESDAY - School Inventory Sheets/Beat Sheet explained
    • Production Guidelines reviewed
    • due online by this Thursday
    • Must talk to people other than those in this class
    • how to produce your piece
    • ASSIGNMENTS DUE: Proposal Due
  • WEDNESDAY - How to Produce your Stories -
    • explain the production cycle
    • think about questions and how to cover your topic
    • brainstorming how to cover your topic
  • THURSDAY - Work on Beat Assignments
    • Organization Data Sheet - explained
    • Beat Sheet- explained
    • School Inventory Sheet - explained
    • Rough drafts of story ideas started
    • Start collecting your information. 
    • Review back to school stories and any questions you have - if you want some input or are not clear, today is the day to ask those questions.
  • FRIDAY -Beat Stories
    • Continue collecting data. 
  • NEXT WEEK - Finish production -- Next Friday is publishing day!

Week of Oct. 4 - 8

QOW: What do people think is important to know more about?
  • MONDAY - Review question from last week. Story Idea Exercise.
    • each student will be given a topic
    • you need to come up with many different ways to cover the story.
    • I will give you the spokes.
  • TUESDAY - BEAT Assignments explained.
    • due every week
    • publishable story due every two weeks
    • share on google aps and picassa -- must include the images
    • must get stories on all events that are coming from your topic
  • WEDNESDAY - Back To School Stories done
    • explain the production cycle
    • think about questions and how to cover your topic
    • brainstorming
  • THURSDAY - Work on Beat Assignments
  • FRIDAY - Gathering information and working on theme.

Week of September 27-Oct. 1

QOW: What do people want to know about?
  • MONDAY - Finish stories into final form on Google Docs. Listen to stories to get an idea of how to write them. 
    • Get into Google Apples from our class website page.
    • Create a new document -- title is P__btsyourlastname (insert the period number next to the "P" and your actual last name where it says -- last name.
    • Share it me --- (fillin the period you are in next to the esms and before the @ symbol. Make sure I am an editor.
    • Work on finishing your story.... You will have some time to finish it tomorrow.
  • TUESDAY - Complete the challenge assignment then head to Moodle for your assignment instructions.
  • WEDNESDAY - Complete the challenge assignment then head to Moodle for your assignment instructions.
  • THURSDAY - Theme/beat discussion and work completed
  • FRIDAY - Beat Assignments and schedule explained

Week of September 20-24th

  • MONDAY - Review work with guest teacher and story structure.
  • TUESDAY - Work on final drafts. Print Final Drafts. Staple Final Drafts to the Rough Draft with Ms. Maye's notes on them. Then put your Quia Reflection score on the paper. We will then work on BEAT ASSIGNMENTS and THEME IDEAS
  • WEDNESDAY - Review story structure, tone and word choice in groups using the packets.
    • SS  (Story Structure) - pg. 63/64. Assignment #5 - use the notes from a reporter to create a story about the event portrayed in the notes.
    • TONE - pg. 37 Assignment #1. On the big piece of paper, write "teacher notes" about how to improve the story. If it's really bad, rewrite the paragraph so that it sounds more like a story that might appear in the newspaper.
    • WORD CHOICE (WC) pg. 38 - Assignment #2 - rewrite the sentences and/or make copy-editing marks that will show how to make the story work better.
  • THURSDAY - GROUP work continues - each team will have to present their corrected information to the class today.
  • FRIDAY - Password check!
    • Log into powerschool. Check grades. Log out
    • Log into - complete at least one round of each of the activities posted. If you missed the quiz, let the instructor know so you can finish it today. Log out when asked.
    • Log into moodle - find the assignment for today (it's really easy!). Log out.
    • Log into our googlepartnerpage. Remember, all upper case -- ps (for username) and PSESMS (for password). Then complete the following::::
    • 1. Go to Docs.
      2. Click on
      CREATE NEW...document
      3. Change the title to: p__NEWYourlastname
      4. share with me
      5. Type in the document:
      (a) header
      (b) My favorite present I ever received was...
    • WHEN DONE log out...
    • LISTEN to the story to help you "hear" what yours should sound more like for the revisions on Monday.

  • COMING MONDAY---Apply what you have learned about what makes a good story and story structure, tone, and word choice. Revise your stories today. They will be due at the end of class on Monday. We will be starting new stories next week so let's get these ready for the online newspaper!

Week of September 13-17th

QOW: Why are revisions necessary?

MONDAY - Review MS Word; type stories
TUESDAY - Review story structure for feature stories and question and answer stories
WEDNESDAY - Review stories
THURSDAY  - Review Moodle
Friday - Guest Teacher

Week of September 8-10th

  • This week you will be creating your first piece -- you can choose the format and the topic -- be sure to get the idea approved before you invest too much time in your concept. See the schoolnotes page for the assignment.
  • WEDNESDAY - September 8 - MINIMUM DAY
    •  introduction to class and the first assignment
    • review of class procedures and what we will be doing
    • review of the assignment
  • THURSDAY - September 9
    •  work on your angle for your story. Review the parts of a story and how to craft your message in any format.
    • work on stories/test configuration of the computers
  • FRIDAY - September 10
    •  rough draft of your piece due before the end of the class
      • does not need to be typed, but must be legible.  
    • About The Author due today
      •  About the Author - Your byline and backstory

        You are introducing a new author to the world – yourself. You are to ghost write an introduction that includes all of the following information. You are NOT to write in first person (“I was ….”) you are to write in third person (“Ms. Maye was..”). You are not answering a worksheet, you are preparing the information that will be posted whenever your writing is featured.

        Items to Include:

        >Include your name
        >Your hobbies/interests (i.e. sports, reading, etc)
        >Best school experience has been and explain why
        >Worst school experience has been and explain why
        >What you hope to do this year in this class
        >What you want to do in the future (near or far)
        >Written in third person (no “I” statements)
        >Must be written in complete sentences, not answered like a worksheet.

      • Assignment is due Friday.
      • Must fit into onto a 4x6 index card.