Postal Record May 2008, National Magazine of the 300,000-member Letter Carriers Union (NALC)

Collective workplace actions to stop the war:


Longshore and postal workers, teachers plan united labor actions on May Day  

On May 1st – International Workers Day – ILWU dockworkers will stop work for 8 hours in West Coast ports to protest the endless, bloody war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan – effectively shutting down the ports.  

ILWU’s Longshore Caucus called on unions and working people to “take labor’s protest to a more powerful level” by observing a ‘No Peace, No Work Holiday’ on May Day, demanding an immediate end to the war and withdrawal of US troops from the Middle East.  

Golden Gate Branch 214 voted unanimously to observe 2 minutes of silence at 8:15 a.m. in its 39 carrier stations on May 1st . Greensboro, North Carolina NALC voted to have 2 minutes of silence at 9:15 a.m. Both branches said they were acting in solidarity with the ILWU action and in opposition to the Iraq war. 

The 7,000-member NY Metro Area APWU voted to “request that all members in all stations observe a 2-minute period of silence at 1AM, 9AM and 5PM on Mayday in solidarity with the actions of our brothers and sisters in the ILWU and NALC” and also to “wear a button, ribbon…or other symbol in protest of the war on Mayday.” San Francisco APWU passed a similar resolution. 

The faculty/staff union at City University of NY voted unanimously to support “teach-ins against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan on May 1st in solidarity with the ILWU work stoppage.” The theme: “Mobilizing labor’s power against the war.” The resolution cited “… intense military recruitment our students face and the direct effect of the war budget on CUNY funding…” 

Bay Area dockworkers will march against the war on May Day along the Embarcadero, scene of the 1934 strike battles that made San Francisco a union town, before joining the Gran Marcha for immigrant and worker rights.  

Article in May 2008 Postal Record, national magazine of the 300,000-member Letter Carriers Union (NALC). By Dave Welsh, Golden Gate Branch 214


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