Enough is Enough!

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Diesel Shutdown!

May 1, 2008

This past month thousands of truck drivers all across

the nation shut down their rigs to protest the high cost

of fuel. The message was heard but not loud enough!

Everyone agreed that WE got to do it all together!!!

Port truck drivers from the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific

Coast are uniting and encouraging ALL truck drivers,

intermodal, otr, regional, to join us to let our

government leaders know that something has got to be

done. Truck drivers are the new slaves and we are

getting tired of working just to pay the cost of diesel.

Enough is Enough! Some areas want to shut down

for a week, May 1 to May 8. Others are taking it to

Washington D.C. on a Convoy. WE all must do

what WE can, our families are counting on us, and

the American public has its’ hopes in us. Feed our

families or buy diesel. Something is wrong.


Stop all trucks on May 1, 2008.

America will stop for that day.

WE have a problem that needs to be fixed.


Our Soldiers

Bring them home NOW! We

need them at home. The

price of the war is too high,

both in soldiers killed and our



Drivers Rights

Truck drivers realize that it doesn’t

matter what race you are or where

you’re from. Abuse from the brokers,

dispatchers, and companies hurt

everyone. For one day WE must all

pull together.

April 30, 2008, Ports Shut Down!                     

Port Drivers from Los Angeles (west coast), Houston (gulf coast), and Newark (east coast), will begin the shut down

one day early in order to make a coordinated public call for ALL truck drivers across the country to shut down the

next day, May 1. Port drivers will meet at the usual locations and OTR drivers please meet at the truck stop lobby.

Decided what your demands are and how many days (one week?) you are shutting down and WILL WE


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