As the Mayans predicted, so we have had the event.
Thank you for joining the Kingdom of Trimaris for
MayanMass Moot
Last Kingdom Event Ever 
November 9-11, 2012 

Camp Ocala
18533 Nfs 535, Altoona, FL 32702-9119

 Hosted by the Barony of An Crosaire

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The event Bid: Turned in September 2, 2011 Awarded: November 13, 2011

A friend of ours discovered this tablet in one of the Mayan ruins. Knowing our love of history, they shipped it to us.  We examined the artifact, deciphered its meaning and discovered the dates corresponded to our own MartinMass Moot in 2012.


Lady Caitriona and I decided that since the event seems to be prophesized, we would like to take upon the task of submitting this bid with the hopes that you will allow us to hold the event and honor the Mayan culture (and have a bit of fun).


If you do allow this, we would make one request. May we know your answer at Martinmass Moot of 2011?  We will need all the time possible to prepare.


Stone Tablet’s symbols:


                        Uo                   Ahaw              K’ak                Tzec

                        2nd month        “Lord”             “Fire”              5th month on calendar


Imix-“Crocodile”                                                         K’ul-“God”

Tun- “Stone”                                                                                       Chuen-“Monkey”

Pakal- “Shield”                                                                                   Bih- “Road”

Zip- 3rd month on calendar                                                                  Ha’- “Water”

Chan- “Sky”                                                                                        Kawab- 17th month

            Mol-8th month on calendar                                          Way-“Companion”


Ik                    Wak                 Tz’am              K’an

                        “Spirit”            “Six”               “Throne”         “Seed”

This event is a play upon the Mayan calendar that predicts 2012 is the end of an era.  Some think the time may be apocalyptic while others think it is a time of transformation.  We would like the opportunity to research and play with the Mayan/New World culture, which has not been done before or at least for a very long time.