Vendor Registration

Old Settlers Picnic Vendor Registration--Maxwell, Iowa

Friday, Aug 6 – Sunday, Aug 8, 2020

Attached is the application for Exhibitors

Please note, there is limited availability for sites.  As such, all registrations must be completed and returned no later than two weeks prior to the event.

You can fill out the registration form online or download and mail to the address below. 

You must mail, email or deliver your proof of insurance before setting up.

Several Ways to Register
1.) Click here to register online.

 2.)  You can download and print the application form from the attachments below and mail the form, your payment and proof of insurance to:

Old Settlers Committee

P.O. Box 108

Maxwell, IA  50161

 3) You can email the downloaded and completed application form to:


The following terms and conditions shall apply.  Violation of any of these terms shall cancel the permit.

1.    This permit does not allow subletting of space nor is it transferable.

2.    The exhibitor accepts full responsibility for all liabilities for damages to person or property arising out of his/her use and occupancy of these premises and must provide a copy of their proof in insurance for one million dollars with their application or have a copy on file with Old Settlers before setting up.

3.    The Old Settlers Committee will not be responsible for any loss by theft, fire, accident, or act of God.

4.    The applicant shall not interfere with other exhibitors by activity beyond the spaces rented or by nuisances such as excessive volume on a public address system, musical instruments, etc.

5.    The Old Settlers Committee reserves the right to cancel or deny any application by refunding the deposit and indicating the reason for the cancellation or denial.  There will be no refunds of deposits except by cancellation or denial of the application or by full approval of the committee.  Checks returned NSF will automatically cancel the permit.

6.    The Committee reserves the right to assign booth location, and will take into account the preference, if any, of the exhibitor.

7.    Only vehicles ABSOLUTELY needed to hold inventory will be allowed to remain in the display area during normal exhibit hours.

8.    Exhibitors at Old Settlers shall not sell, or allow to be sold any sharp instrument which includes but not limited to dangerous weapons or explosives.

9.    Outside exhibitors may set up as early as 3:00pm on the Wednesday immediately preceding the event.  All concessions and exhibitors must be set up no later than 3:00pm on Friday, before the event begins. No hauling in of trailers or equipment allowed after 3:00pm Friday.

10. Rental fee shall include access to electricity, however, the vendor is responsible for  providing their own backup power supply in case of power failure at the park.

11. The Vendor must provide their own seating for customers eating food in their area.  Publicly available picnic tables may not be available for use.

12. The applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Old Settlers Steering Committee, its Board of Directors, and its employees from any and all claims brought by anyone arising from Old Settlers, including but not limited to, claims arising out of constructions, operations, maintenance, supervision, inspection or use of any buildings or grounds at the Maxwell City Park.

Old Settlers Committee,
Mar 17, 2021, 1:35 PM