Overview of Research

I am a research specialist in palaeomagnetism at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, and run the palaeomagnetism laboratory. I am interested in variations of Earth’s magnetic field through geological time, from recent secular variation, to reversals and excursions, to its long term evolution. Robust directional and palaeointensity data can be used to calculate changes in the full vector behaviour of the geomagnetic field during significant times in Earth’s history and subsequently understand processes that may occur deep within the Earth.

Some of my research focuses on:

(1) The behaviour of geomagnetic reversals and excursions, from observations, empirical models and dynamo simulations;

(2) The compilation and assessment of archaeomagnetic and sedimentary records and their use in reconstructing the global geomagnetic field during the last 50 ka;

(3) Linking the rock magnetic properties of volcanic rocks to the outcome of different absolute palaeointensity techniques, e.g., using historical lavas from the island of Fogo, Cape Verde.

(4) The palaeomagnetism of Iceland.

I am the current custodian of the GEOMAGIA50 database, which contains paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and chronological data obtained from archaeological artefacts, volcanic rocks and sediments covering the past 50 ka.

Last Updated: 30/04/2019

Northern Minnesota, 2009.