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Note: This website is no longer updated. If you want to listen to my fresh work, go to https://www.in-fi-del.net or https://maxstack.bandcamp.com

     Hi. I'm a 30-something programmer writing music in my spare time. I'm a big fan of 8-bit chiptunes and tracker music from old days of 386s so my music reflects that striving to reach the quality and feel of old masters like Purple Motion and many others. I'm also a fan of Atari, C64, NES, ZX and pretty much everything else 8-bit out there. Mostly I'm a fan of the unique chiptunes sound and music, but sometimes I like the 8-bit games too (unfortunately the ones I like are mostly on NES platform, because it was the only thing available to me in my childhood).

    I'm also a fan of home consoles from NES onward to the PS2. Each and every one of them has some distinct feeling which I like to experience once in a while. Every one of them has some great games and great games usually have great music.

    This page serves a purpose of holding everything I created in the tracker music genre. For the first couple of years I've mostly used Psycle, because it served all my needs. But then I tried using some VSTs and Psycle was crashing constantly. So I've switched to Renoise and use it ever since.

    I've decided to license my music under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, because it seems that it is the best possible choice - that way the music is free, it stays free and I get some recognition in the process. If you feel like buying something, visit my Bandcamp page and do so.

Well, I hope you all like it. Thank you for listening and enjoy! :)

email me to maxstack_at_gmail_dot_com