Artifact-S Project

A Workflow Execution Platform for Collaborative Artifact-Centric Business Processes in SOA

Version 1.0
Contributors: Kan Ngamakeur, Sira Yongchareon, and Chengfei Liu

System prototypes

There are two sub-systems used for the platform: 
  1. ACP Local execution engine
    Download ACP Local engine for Artifact-Centric Workflow
    The ACP local engine is used for each individual participating organization to run a process in a collaboration.

  2. ACC Coordination engine.
    Download ACC Coordination engine for Artifact-Centric Workflow
    The ACC coordination (global) engine is used to coordinate all the workflow instances run by ACP local engine.

The two system prototypes are workable. We are trying to produce a technical report and a system manual as soon as we can. 
At this stage, we cannot guarantee that our prototypes are configured to work on your system environment. So, please feel free to ask me for help if you cannot get them to run on your system environment or it does not function properly.

Your feedback/suggestion for a possible improvement of the prototypes are very welcome. 

If you want to contribute to system development or testing, please do not hesitate to contact me.