Sira Yongchareon
PhD, MIT, BEng (Computer)

Department of IT and Software Engineering
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand

Email: sira.yongchareon at aut.ac.nz

A little bit of my background
I received a PhD degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia in December 2012. My PhD research proposed an artifact-centric framework for modeling business processes in a dynamic and collaborative environment, and my supervisor was Prof. Chengfei Liu. Prior to that, I received M.IT (Professional Computing) and B.Eng (Computer Engineering) in year 2008 and year 1999, respectively. My past 7-year industry experiences include Software and Web/Mobile application development, Information Systems Engineering, and Software Project management. During 2009, I carried out a research-based project with SAP research, Brisbane, Australia and Swinburne University. The project was about constructing and managing process views for workflow processes created based on BPMN, BPEL, and XPDL industry standards. The prototype named FlexView has been implemented on the top of SAP Mastro, SAP's business process management engine.

Created 01/08/2013
Last updated 01/06/2017