AI in Music

Research interests:

- Computational Creativity through Machine Learning and Conceptual Blending in Music.

- Evolutionary Generation and Conceptual Blending of Harmony and Rhythms.

- Neural Networks in Music Understanding and Generation.

- Musical content characterisation and classification.

- Human-Computer Improvisational and Interactive Systems.

- Cognitive Modelling of Music.

- Dynamical Systems and Evolutionary Computation in Music.

I am currently an Associate Professor in AI in Music at the Department of Music Technology and Acoustics, Hellenic Meditarranean University. In my department, I also server as a Director of the MSc program "Masters in Sound and Music Technologies".

I am a collaborating researcher at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athena Research and Innovation Centre. I am also collaborating closely with the School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specifically with the Cognitive and Computational Musicology Group, directed by Emilios Cambouropoulos.

I have developed multiple applications for mobile devices, either on my own or in collaboration with brilliant and renowned musicians. My last and most important collaboration is for the development of the Genius Jam Tracks application.

I am an electric guitar player and an avid runner.