Ensuing from first principles, the theory of spacetime and its
metaphysical axioms are introduced as prerequisites to physical
theology and the so-called relative scale spacetime.

Comment: Dedicated to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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Notice the new hyperimaginary numbers (see ref. [3] on p. 28).
I am interested only and exclusively only in these new numbers,
which are expected to provide solutions to various problems in
local differential geometry is false. We need totally new global
boundary conditions to define a closed and conserved Universe
in the past, which is coupled (Sic!) to an evolving Universe in
the future (Fig. 7 on p. 8). The non-linear coupling between the
past and the future states of the Universe, corresponding to the
phenomenon of transience (Heraclitus), requires hyperimaginary
numbers, and also opens the road to spacetime engineering (p. 34)
and to the origin of gravity and inertia.
Details in pp. 59-64, p. 67, p. 77, pp. 80-83, and p. 88 in
(February 19, 2017, 13:13:23 GMT)


The abstract and the slides of my talk 'Quantum Spacetime?' at
CPQG2017 in June 2017 can be downloaded from this http URL.

D. Chakalov, February 25, 2017, 22:18:49 GMT

The idea of hyperimaginary numbers is suggested as the first step
toward the mathematical basis of res potentia (Plato), presented in
the right-hand side of the evolution equation |w|2 = |m|2 + |mi|2.
The real and imaginary (tachyonic) components in the right-hand side
are always balanced, leading to |w|2 = 0 — the physicalized world is
made of positive mass-energy only, |m|2, which is always balanced
(not "conserved") by equal amount of |mi|2, once-at-a-time, ever
since The Beginning (John 1:1).
God is interpreted as mathematical
(hyperimaginary) object residing “inside” the 4D instant here-and-now
(Luke 17:21), and conceptual solutions to fundamental problems in
point-set topology, set theory, and number theory are briefly described.


hi_numbers.pdf, 20 pages, 11:08:47 GMT
, 31 December 2016
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The full manuscript will be available only on Christmas 2016, upon request.
I will elaborate on the main, and certainly not original, statement made
on p. 3 in 'Hyperimaginary Numbers' that the physical world (res extensa)
offers only the necessary condition for its existence, while the Platonic
matrix of res potentia is the sufficient condition: "It's a bundle18." All
this is encapsulated in the so-called Arrow of Space (AoS), because what
we call 'time' is not just 'change in space', but 'change of space' as well:
it's a bundle. Hence I model the entire physical world as the 'Brain of the
Universe', and suggest AoS based on Fig. 3 in 'Hyperimaginary Numbers',
along with specific applications of the equation |w|2 = |m|2 + |mi|2 for
Mathematics, quantum gravity and cosmology, and spacetime engineering.

D. Chakalov
November 12, 2016

The hypothesis of gravitational wave, suggested by Albert Einstein in
1916, still poses outstanding challenges, which have to be resolved
by the theoretical physics community as soon as possible.


September 10, 2016, gw_miracles.pdf, 6 pages.
Also viXra:1607.0377v6, 2016-08-31, 4 pages.

Check out also gravity_rotation.pdf (3 pages, August 3, 2016).

I argue that vacuum spacetime with  Tab = 0 is highly exaggerated
approximation, like the famous 'spherical cow'. If you are a cowboy
and wish only to count the number of cows in your herd, you may of
course think of them as 'spherical objects'. But imagine the following
situation: as you walk in your grassland, you notice that the grass
on a loan has been hardly pressed to the ground, as if some heavy
object has passed through your grassland. Would you say that some
brand new spherical cows have rolled over the grass? That will be just
like GW150914, the alleged discovery of gravitational waves and black
holes in vacuum spacetime.


July 20, 2016, 405,967 bytes, GW150914.pdf, 8 pages.
Also viXra:1606.0228v5, 2016-07-19, 8 pages.
More below.



GW150914 is a FRAUD supported by at least 1522 fraudsters:
"As this event turned out to be a binary black hole merger, there
is little expectation of a detectable electromagnetic signature.
(...) In classical general relativity, a vacuum BBH merger does
not produce any EM or particle emission whatsoever."
Vacuum spacetime with Tab = 0 is highly exaggerated approximation,
like a 'spherical cow'. If 1522 people claim to have detected the pattern
of perfect spherical cows rolling downhill like a football, don't buy it.
It is like pink unicorns dancing with red herrings. Proof: a "vacuum" with
Tab = 0 cannot contain any gravitational energy, so the gravitational
field cannot "do work on matter and vice versa". Yet Kip Thorne claims
that GW150914 was "by far the most powerful explosion humans have
ever detected except for the big bang", only it did not produce "any EM
or particle emission whatsoever." What a stinky nonsense.

If you disagree, you'll have to explain the "connection between compact
binary mergers and short Gamma-Ray Bursts" (Valerie Connaughton et al.,
arXiv:1602.03920v3 [astro-ph.HE]) and associate GW150914 with the
"transient signal at photon energies > 50 keV (Sic! - D.C.) that lasted 1 s
and appeared 0.4 s after the GW signal" (Avi Loeb, arXiv:1602.04735v2
), which INTEGRAL did not detect (Vova Savchenko et al.,
arXiv:1602.04180v2 [astro-ph.HE]). All this in vacuum spacetime, Tab = 0,
which means that "the most powerful explosion humans have ever detected
except for the big bang" (Kip Thorne) could be produced and manifested
only and exclusively only by Weyl curvature that "governs the propagation
of gravitational radiation through regions of space devoid of matter
", without
"any EM or particle emission whatsoever." What a pathetic nonsense.

GW150914 is a FRAUDDon't ever say that you knew nothing about it.



As an epitaph of the project for so-called GW astronomy, I suggest the
famous saying by Confucius: “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat
in a dark room, especially if there is no cat”. Specific examples are drawn
from GW150914 and LISA Pathfinder, to explain why GW astronomy was
born dead from the outset. Since the issue of energy transport by gravity is
crucial to General Relativity, in the second part of the paper I offer a
hypothesis about the origin of gravitational radiation in Relative Scale (RS)
spacetime, and outline hypothetical applications of spacetime engineering for
producing ecologically clean and unlimited energy by polarization of the
so-called light vacuum.

Comment: Due to the sensitive nature of clean unlimited energy sources
from spin-0 gravitational radiation, the full paper is available only upon
request (Matthew 7:6).


May 18, 2016, 850,549 bytes, 11 pages + more.


Ensuing from first principles, a new theory of spacetime has been suggested,
called ‘relative scale spacetime’. It denounces the absolute size of objects at
different length scales, thanks to which the phenomena known as quantum state
(“just in the middle between possibility and reality”, Heisenberg) and Einstein’s
“total field of as yet unknown structure” are unified as potential reality of
quantum-gravitational origin (dubbed causal field), endowed with relative-scale
metric. At macroscopic scale, it produces what is known as gravitation, without
any dark matter nor dark energy.

Comment: Dedicated to the centenary of Einstein's General Relativity.

Read the final version (8 November 2015, 44 pages, 2,199,898 bytes) in


Notice the interpretation of John 1:1 & Luke 17:21 in physical theology,
Case IV in Table 1 on p. 8 in rs_spacetime.pdf. St. Thomas Aquinas raised
the question in 13th century (Summa Theologiae, Part I, Question 85,
Article 8): "Punctum non ponitur in definitione lineae communiter sumptae"
(‘A point is not included in the definition of a line as commonly assumed’).
It's all about Mathematics.

Check out also pp. 17-38 in note.pdf and pp. 24-28 in horizon.pdf.

I had the impression that have understood the so-called fictitious force in General Relativity only once, in June 1972 at age 20. It was a beautiful feeling, which lasted until the end of 1973 and never came back. How can we understand something that acts like a force and is related to the entire spacetime, but is not a force? Perhaps "inertial effects arise from the gravitational field of a moving universe" (Dennis Sciama, 19 August 1952), provided that its "motion" and "rotation" can be defined with respect to the Universe as ONE.

the red herrings known as "event horizon" and "gravitational-wave astronomy" (horizon.pdf, 29 pages and note.pdf, 38 pages), my message to the Human Brain Project (HBP.pdf, 10 pages), the abstract of the first paper introducing the so-called biocausality (January 1990), the final version of Relative Scale Spacetime from viXra:1410.0194 (2015-11-08 18:34:20, 44 pages) and my comments on it (comments.pdf, 77 pages and censorship.pdf, 27 pages), and the PDF copy of the old (now archived) website plus additional papers, Indefinable.pdf (411 pages, 12,794,409 bytes, 27 February 2017).

Forty-five years ago (January 1972), I started this project with the hope to understand the physics of the human brain and learn to harness its tremendous latent abilities (see ref. [63in rs_spacetime.pdf). The reason for seeking new physics was explained on 16 July 1997, 16 July 1998, and 20 December 1998, but nobody showed any interest. I created this website four years ago, on 21 October 2013, but since Maximal Set Theory (see Table 1 on p. 8 in rs_spacetime.pdf) did not attract any attention, I decided to remove the remaining part of my website and archive it on pp. 250-348 in Indefinable.pdf. As Upton Sinclair explained, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Pity the academic scholars aren't interested in quantum gravity and Mathematics. In fact, they couldn't care less. My Christmas greeting and info about my latest paper were sent on 20 December 2015 to 156 individuals, none of whom replied in any way whatsoever.

More in my forthcoming book, entitled: The Brain of The Universe. To paraphrase Johannes Kepler in Harmonices Mundi, it doesn't matter whether my book will be read by my contemporaries or by posterity. Let it await its readers for a hundred years. Has not God (John 1:1) waited an infinite time for an observer?

Dimi Chakalov <dchakalov@gmail.com>
(last name pronounced tcha-KA-lov)

October 21, 2013
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There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue
of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this
most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind
this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Geist (bewußten
intelligenten Geist). This Geist is the matrix of all matter.

Geheimrat Max Planck on his 158th birthday, 23 April 2016