* I am a schoolteacher. I was a person who could never face others due to the deformed lower jaw I had. It was protruding in a very unsightly manner and I used to be teased often by my classmates when I was in college. However, I did not give it much thought. After I completed my BEd, I joined the school where I work at present. My parents started looking out for suitable boys to hand me over in marriage. However, the deformed lower jaw I had posed me problems in finding a good husband. That was when my parents took me to a hospital close to my home find out if my deformed jaws and teeth could be corrected. The dentist at the hospital referred me to Prof. Varghese Mani of CFES. Dr. Mani and his team of doctors convinced me about the surgical procedures and the benefits of undergoing the surgery. I was very apprehensive before the surgery initially. However, my doctors convinced me of the outcome and the benefits I will get. I underwent the surgery and within a month I was back to normalcy. I got rid of all the inferiority complex I had due to the deformity I had suffered from earlier. I can now interact more confidently with the people I come across. I'm happily married now and well settled.

I thank Prof. Mani and his team from the bottom of my heart for having transformed my life forever. 

                                                                                                                                - Sujatha

* I am a 22 year old college student pursuing my degree course in computer science. My upper front teeth and gums were protruding in a very ugly manner. I underwent braces treatment with several dentists... but nothing solved the problem. Fortunately, I came to know from one of my friends that there are solutions for such problems. He guided me to Prof. Varghese Mani, who convinced me on the importance of undergoing the surgery. I did not have to ponder much on what was to be done. i convinced my parents about the  benefits I'll have after the surgery and they relented. That was how I underwent the surgery. Now I am a happy man, smart in my looks and also having a very positive outlook to life. Thanks to Prof. Mani and his dedicated team of doctors.

                                                                                                            - Joseph