Patient Records for Initial Screening and Treatment Planning

Patients are requested to forward us the following details via email in order to facilitate a smooth, efficient and fast screening process prior to orthognathic surgery planning.
A. A brief description in the patient's own words of what he/she thinks is not right with their facial appearance.
B. General Medical Status of the patient - whether he/she is on drugs for any particular ailment and relevant medical history.
C. General Dental Status of the patient - whether he/she has undergone dental treatment earlier and if so the details. Details of present dental problems, if any.
D. Records to be sent via email
Patients are requested to forward their photographs and Xray pictures via email. Please ensure images are of low resolution so that they can be easily downloaded. Alternatively, a power point presentation will also serve the purpose. The data to be sent are:


1. Photos - a) frontal view - lips in rest position

                  b) frontal view - smiling

                  c) frontal view - broad / wide smile or laughing

                  d) side view - lips in rest position

                  e) side view - smiling

                   f) side view - broad / wide smile or laughing


2. Xrays - a) Panoramic Xray (OPG or ortho pantomogram)

                 b) Lateral cephalogram
If digital xrays have been made, patients can forward them to us via emails. In case of Xray films, please ensure they are not scanned using the normal scanner as the images will be of very poor quality. Alternatively, the film may be mounted over a white illuminated background such as provided by a blank white computer screen and digital photographs of the films made. These images may be forwarded to us over email.