Sequence of Procedures

1.  Initial consultation and discussion 
2.  Review of the patient with Xrays - esp. the Orthopantomogram (OPG) and the Lateral Cephalogram. In certain cases, CT / MRI evaluations are also required in addition. (If patients are in a position to send us photos and digital copies of Xrays prior to the initial consultation visit, it can save time both for the doctors as well as patients. Please click here for details.)
3.  Medical & Anesthesia evaluation of the patient - in order to assess his / her fitness for general anesthesia
4.  Initiation of the preparatory phase - Dental Scaling & Oral Prophylaxis, Fillings, Periodontal procedures and such other dental procedures for stablilizing the dental condition of the patient
5.  Impressions of the upper and lower dentition for preparation of study models.
6.  Photographic records of the patient are made for treatment planning purposes and also as pre treatment records
7.  Treatment planning is done with the help of photos, models and Xrays - after the treatment plan is done, the sequence of treatment, the duration and costs are discussed with the patient in detail.
8.  Pre-surgical orthodontics - to align the dentition to the required pre - surgery phase position
9.  Surgery - the patient will be hospitalized on the previous day of the surgery.  In certain situations, the patient will have to arrange for blood donors as blood transfusion may be required for the surgery. Details will be discussed by the doctors with the patient relatives.
The surgery can take upto 5 hrs. The patient will be in under the post operative observation for about 5 hrs. after the surgery. Subsequently, the patient is shifted to his / her room. The patient will have to be in the hospital for a period of 5 - 10 days. The patient will be on IV medications and liquid / semi-solid food initially. The drugs will gradually be withdrawn and replaced with oral drugs. After about 10 days, all medications will be stopped.
10. Post surgical Orthodontics
11. Plate removal - removal of plates which have been placed during the corrective surgery should ideally be done within a period of 6 months after the surgery. In case absorbable plates have been used, this stage can be totally eliminated.
12. Completion of post-surgical orthodontics. This is the last phase of the treatment procedures. With completion of the fixed post surgical orthodontics, the braces are removed. The patient is given a removable appliance to be worn subsequently for a period of 1 yr (to be worn 24 hrs. during the initial 6 months and for 12 hrs. during the second half)
13. Post procedure dental treatment
14. Post op evaluation after 1 yr.