Our Team

Maxillofacial Surgery:                          * Prof. Dr. Varghese Mani
                                                                 * Dr. Prasanth Pillai K.S.
                                                                 * Dr. Prasanth Panicker

Plastic Surgery:                                     * Dr. Jose Tharayil

ENT Surgery:                                          * Dr. Anil Kumar Saraf

Anesthesiology:                                    * Dr. Narayan Naik

Orthodontics:                                       * Dr. Anand V.
                                                                 * Dr. Sanu Tom

Dentistry:                                             * Dr. Sreeja Prasanth
                                                                 * Dr. Maya Binu



Prof. Dr. Varghese Mani
BSc., BDS, MDS.  Principal, Mar Baselios Dental College, Kothamangalam.

Prof. Mani is a Maxillofacial and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon of international repute. He was the former President of the Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons of India (AOMSI) and the Indian Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (ISFPRS).

He has trained scores of Maxillofacial, ENT and Plastic Surgeons in the field of Orthognathic Surgery through his famed workshop "FACE" which  he has been conducting since 1994. He has authored several books including "Orthognathic Surgery - Esthetic of the Face" &  "Surgical Correction of Facial Deformities." He is presently the Principal of Mar Baselios Dental College, Kothamangalam.

Dr. Prasanth Pillai BDS, MDS, FICD

Dr. Pillai is a Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in Kochi since 1994. He has worked as a consultant to several hospitals in Kochi city. He is a member of the Indian Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (IBOMS). He is Fellow of the International College of Dentists (FICD) as well as a member of the International Congress of Implantologists. He is presently concentrating in the fields of Smile Designing, Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Implantology.

Dr. Prasanth Panicker

Dr. Panicker is a Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who is also a dual degree holder (both dental and medical graduation) who has undergone extensive training in Maxillofacial Surgery at various leading centres India.
Formerly resident & lecturer, Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Division of Head and Neck Surgery, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum. Formerly Assistant Professor, Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery, KMC, Mangalore.



Dr. Jose Tharayil MBBS, MS, MCPS, FRCS

Highly experienced plastic surgeon with more than 35 years experience. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, England and has undergone training at various plastic surgery centres in the UK and India. Was the head of the department of Plastic Surgery, Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi and also has worked as consultant Plastic Surgeon at King Khalid Hospital, Najran, Saudi rabia. Presently consultant to three major hospitals in Kochi.

Dr. Hari Menon MBBS, MS, MCh 

Highly experienced plastic surgeon, skilled in facial plastic surgery and non-surgical plastic procedures of the face, head and neck. Dr. Hari Menon is a fully qualified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon and is one of the few plastic surgeons in India who has specialized and restricted his practice to cosmetic surgery.

Being in a practice dedicated only to aesthetic surgery for many years, Dr. Menon has developed fine skills and deep insights in cosmetic surgery in a relatively short period of time. Dr. Menon practices evidence-based cosmetic surgery and selects procedures which are time tested with regards to favorable outcome and safety. His special interests are in facial rejuvenation, Aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring procedures.

Dr. Narayan Naik

Dr. Naik is a highly experienced anesthetist who has been working at various hospitals in Kochi for more than 30 yrs.

Dr. Anand V.  BDS, MDS
Experienced Orthdontist, practicing in various clinics in and around Kochi for more than 12 yrs.

Dr. Sanu Tom  BDS, MDS
Experienced Orthodontist and Associate Professor of Orthodontics at Mar Baselios Dental College, Kothamangalam.

Dr. Anil Kumar Saraf,  MBBS, MS
Highly experienced ENT Surgeon practicing in Kochi for more than 30 yrs.  Director of Saraf Hospital.
Dr. Sreeja Prasanth BSc., BDS & Dr. Srividya Vijay BDS
Dental Surgeons

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