Maxi Cosi Pria 70 vs 85

When you take your child for a ride in your car, it is indeed a great experience. You may be simply heading to the park or shopping groceries. However, if you have a small child, you need to be sure that it is traveling safely and comfortably. Therefore, choosing the best car seats is of utmost importance. You need to check out the features to understand if your child will be safe during the rides. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a car seat that is designed by a renowned manufacturer. Out of many car seat manufacturers, Maxi Cosi is one of the most reputed company that offers a great experience with a lot of fun, excitement, comfort and of course safety.

Why Choose Max Cosi?
  • FlexTech Concept to manage crash forces – When you glance through the seats of any car seat, it is difficult to figure out the actual structure. The FlexTech energy concept is the key benefit that makes Maxi Cosi different from other car seats available in the market. The company uses the innovative crash test modeling options to design a unit with a rigid structure to deal with crash incidents. It widely stimulates distinct crash incidents that are common in nature. Maxi Cosi has designed car seats with great combination of flexibility and rigidity that makes it class apart.
  • Harness Rethreading and ease of cleaning – Maintaining and cleaning a car seat is often a painful task. It involves re threading harnesses and unfastening within spaces that may or may not be designed well. Some car seats require you to uninstall them from the vehicle. But, as far as Maxi Cosi is concerned, you can be rest assured to avoid these situations. The biggest advantage of Maxi Cosi car seats is that the seat pads are easily removable through snap connectors. They can be washed and dried before reinstalling. Also, there is no need of harness rethreading or removing the seat from your vehicle with Maxi Cosi.
About Max Cosi Pria 70 and 85

The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and 85 are the most popular car seats and ideal for your child. The Pria 70 offers best comfort and fit for your child while seated in the vehicle. The advanced features offer a smooth ride for your child without compromising on the safety aspects. Similarly, the Pria 85 offers a comfortable journey to your child. It is a convertible car seat that accommodates a child weighing up to 85 pounds. Some of the common features and comparisons of Pria 70 and 85 have been discussed below to help you choose better.

Common features of Pria 70 and 85

  • Single click latch system for easy installation
  • FlexTech concept for energy management in all directions
  • Easy to clean with washable and removable harness covers and seat pads
  • Deep rear facing option which comes handy when installing in rear facing position
  • Advanced air cushion system for head protection and side impact crash
  • Premium padding and fabrics for ultimate child comfort
  • Integrated cup holder to store drinks securely during the ride
Comparison of Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and 85

The car seats from Maxi Cosi Pria collection have been the perfect choice for people seeking convenience and safety for their child. In addition, these models do not come with a hefty price tag like other car seats. If you are looking for a reliable car seat which is not too heavy on your pocket, the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and 85 are definitely worth considering for your child.

Maximum Child Weight Limit

The models 70 and 85 from Maxi Cosi simply indicate the maximum weight limit of a child in pounds for each seat. The Pria 85 has a maximum child weight limit of 85 pounds and Pria 70 comes with a weight limit of 70 lbs. Children using the Pria 85 can consider the convertible car seat for a longer duration when compared to Pria 70. As a result, the period for transition to booster seat can be extended. It offers great relief for parents and they certainly would not mind paying additional price for the Pria 85. To ensure that your child is using the car seat safely, you need to check the height and weight and whether it is within the limits or exceeding.

Minimum Child Weight Limit

The Pria 70 comes with a TinyFit concept that has the ability to carry
children as small as 4 lbs. The front facing range is from 22 to 70 lbs and rear facing is from 9 to 40 lbs. As far as Pria 85 is concerned, it does not have the insert feature and can be used only if a baby weighs minimum 14 lbs. The front facing range is from 22 to 85 lbs whereas the rear facing is 14 to 40 lbs. Before choosing the car seats, you need to consider this point for the comfort and safety of your child.

Seat Weight

As far as weight is concerned, the Pria 85 is lighter by 2 lbs when compared to the Pria 70. The weight of Pria 85 is 20 lbs whereas the Pria 70 weighs 22 lbs. The difference in the weight is not much and moreover, the need to carry seats doesn’t arise as it is designed to be fixed on vehicles. However, if you have multiple vehicles and need to switch car seats from one car to the other, you should consider the car seat that is lighter in weight.


The Pria 70 is best suited for those that prefer convertible seat for their child from birth. As mentioned earlier, the Pria 70 has the Tiny Fit feature that seats a child weighing 4 pounds and above. When it comes to the Pria 85, it lacks this particular feature. If you want to use the car seat for your child that weights around 14 pounds or more, and may grow taller than average, you can choose the Pria 85. All in all, both models offer a secure ride and makes your travelling hassle free.