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I am Sanjib Kumar. Age 66 years on November 2007. I am an entrepreneur/consultant for various Internet based Websites/products in India and Abroad.

           I am here on behalf of PBK SWARUP Enterprises, a small, trustworthy firm and promoter of newly launched EL-NET Advantage program in India.Though I was having an offer from the various Internet Giants, but I choose this one.

          The history behind my success is consistency (in Hindi  “Lage Raho”) That’s all.   Whenever I became the member of EL-NET ,I began to face  world , full of money, success and confidence . NOW MY Part Time Earnings are More than My  Brothers and Friends Full Time Earnings in USA. Today, I have a complete office setup in Kolkata, W.B. I work at my own Will, Wish and Timings.

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    ·        Internet based Work provided by Google

    ·         Internet Affiliate Promotion based Work

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