Fun Facts

-Vasco da Gama had six children.
-Ships named the “So Gabriel” and the “So Rafael” weighed about 120 tons.
-With da Gama's fleet went three interpreters—two Arabic speakers and one who spoke several Bantu dialects.
-The fleet also carried padres (stone pillars) to set up as marks of discovery.
-During his second voyage, an Arab ship arrived with merchandise and between 200 and 400 passengers, including women and children. After seizing the cargo, da Gama shut up the passengers aboard the captured ship and set it afire, killing all on board.
-As a consequence, da Gama has been vilified, and Portuguese trading methods have been associated with terror.
This is a picture of da Gama at a younger age.

These are an example of the type of ship that da Gama used.