Mish Mash and Stuff
This page is dedicated to everything NOT in the film biz!
Mish Mash & Stuff!

Ok...this page is related to everything NOT in the movie business!

I may put Contests on here, or things I have to sell, etc....so, here we go!!

I have tons of Madame Alexander SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLLS, and TONS of BARBIE dolls, that are collectible, and ALL are still in the box, NEVER taken out.  I need to sell these.  These would be for the serious collector, as some are worth anywhere from $100 to THOUSANDS!  If you are interested, please let me know.  The dates the dolls were purchased are from around 1996 to 2000 or there abouts!
Let me know if you are interested!  I have photos!
Some are Madame Alexander Shirley Temple are "Bright eyes, Curly top, Little Princess, Little Miss Shirley, Bathing Beauty, Sunday Best, Dimples".  Some of the other Madame Alexander dolls, are the "Coca Cola CAR HOP, AVIATOR, VICTORIAN GIRL, NOSTALGIA,* Barbies* and other Barbie dolls are "Coca Cola Party, 1960 fashion Special edition repro, Pilot, Polish, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas, Happy Holidays Red and Gold 10th Anniversary, Nascar 50th Anniversary, Happy Holidays with the Pink/Black 1998, Evening Sophisticate, Grand Ole Opry Rising star, 1998, Rendezvous, I love Lucy 1997, Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch, Limited Edition George Washington, Silken Flame 1962 repro 1997, Wedding day, 1996, and so much more!
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