Headshots and Porfolios

*Headshots are $100!!!  Email to get on the list while I offer this special!  maxann@gmail.com

You will get your CD of photos that day!


Headshots are your calling card!  They are very important for you, and you must keep your headshots updated. 

You should hire a photographer that does actual headshots for actors.  Some photographers that take headshots for actors also do porfolios for models. 

I offer headshots at different times of the year.  Most of the time the price is $125, and you get your CD of photos that day, before you leave.  However, sometimes, when I hold workshops, you can get your headshots taken for $100. 

The photos I take are good for someone who is starting out in the business and need a headshot right away.  I do not do touchups, so, if you want a photographer that does that, you would pay more.  You DO NOT have to get headshots taken by me!  I only offer it, as a way for those who are starting out and do not want to pay a lot of out of pocket money, to get started in the film industry.

I have several other photographers that I work with and they are awesome and some do touchups. So, it would depend on what you have to spend.

Contact me and I will give you a link to take a look at the photos I take.  I have been a photographer since 1982.

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