Film Biz Tips
Tips on the "Biz"

Tips on the Biz

Make sure that you are professional in everything you do.Have professional headshots made by a photographer that takes headshots for actors.

Always be on time. Be courteous and helpful.

Never ask a Casting Director, "how long is this audition going to take"?  It COULD be your last!

Your headshots should look like you when you come into an audition.

Treat this career as your business!  Know that it will take some $$$$ to get you started with getting the professional headshots you need as well as getting them mass produced.

An agent will charge 10% to 20% on the jobs that they book for you.  Make sure you pay them.  You would NOT have gotten the job if they had not booked it for you.  I see so many talent that do not want to pay their agent!  Well...this is a big business, but remember, we all know each other, and if you do an agent wrong, a talent wrong, or a Casting Director wrong, you better believe that we all will know about it!

 1.  The first thing that is needed for this business is dedication. 

2.  The second thing, is PATIENCE!!!  If you are not a patient person, then this biz is not for you!
3.  You have to spend money to make, know that you are going to need photos!  HEADSHOTS are the key in the business.  Not unless you are trying to push your child!  Then just recent photos with the child ONLY in the photo.  Recent meaning, this past week.  Do not have anyone else in the photo, and try to have a close up type photo, from the shoulders up.  It can be a snapshot, or a polaroid!
4.  Headshots should be made by a headshot photographer.  Someone that KNOWS the business and knows how to take the photos.
5.  Look to spend anywhere from $300-500 for your photo shoot and mass production of your photos.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  This is just an estimate! Agents are looking more towards color photos now...ask to find out!
6.  If you THINK you want to be in this business, then try to find an agent. Talk to others and see who their agent is.  Call around to find an agent.  Sometimes an agent may be listed in your local phone book under TALENT AGENT.  Also, you can find publications that list so many professionals in the industry. You can "GOOGLE" Film Production Manuals.  Or you can go to the Film Office sites in each city, by going to "GOOGLE" and typing in "Film Office or Film Commission" in the state you live or want to work.  
 Production manuals list the "pros" in the film industry!
7.  Call the local film office, which is usually in the state capitol, and ask about agents. They are usually in your state capitol, however, some film offices are located in cities that have a lot of filmmaking going on.  Charlotte, NC, Wilmington, NC, Asheville, NC, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, GA  Chicago, IL and NY and LA, just to name a few.
8.  Never pay any "upfront fees". 
9.  Sometimes there are agents that charge a small fee, and that is acceptable.  However, you should NEVER have to take their classes to be accepted in the agency.
10.  Now to classes.......Classes are good!  Ask around to find out WHO is the best acting coach, or who is giving a workshop so that you can learn something!  If you learned just one thing you did not know in a class, then it is worth the money!
11.  Always perfect your craft of acting!  Join actors clubs, network, network, network!!! Join the local theater.  The more experience you have, the better it is for you.
12.  Try to find jobs on your own if possible.  There are lots of links on the internet!!
13.  I would suggest if you "think" you want to do this as a career, then first start off as being an extra, just to see if this is something you really want to do.  Then look for an agent.
14.  One more thing, if you are going to be on set, either by being an extra or an actor, DO NOT bring valuables to the set.  They could get lost or stolen, and the production would not be responsible.
15.  Last, but not least....if you go on an audition, do the best you can do, and leave there knowing you did the best you can do.  Don't look for a "call back", so if you do get one you will be surprised, and if you don't get one, you won't be disappointed as much.
16.  Remember to NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAM!  Most of all, if you don't get the part, remember that you did the best you could do.  A lot of the time, it has to do with the LOOK and if you had the "LOOK" the director was wanting! 
 Good Luck!
(One last thing....if you had a leading role in a film or commercial......
the CORRECT spelling to put on your resume is "PRINCIPAL", not
"Principle").  Just thought you might like that info!!!  It is my Pet Peeve!
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