Adam Miller's Little Slice of Google 

Home to a GNU/Linux advocate.

    This is my page, don't expect much from it for it was spawned from boredom. It will feature a small amount of information about myself and my love for the GNU/Linux operating system and most importantly the debian and Fedora distributions as these are my two favorite distributions of GNU/Linux. I love both distributions each in their own respect and appreciate greatly what each brings to the open source community. (Note: they are listed purely in alphabetical order, so I don't want to hear loyalty crap from anyone.)

    I must also mention that I am a python fanatic. Learn it, code in it, enjoy the zen of python. Read PEP 8.

    Obligatory mention of the Alpha and Omega of programming languages, ANSI C. Go buy a copy of K&R and hack the planet.

    I'm a Fedora contributor now, check my Fedora wiki page for more info. I still respect debian in a big way, just prefer Fedora's development model, general community attitude, goals, and ambitions.

    I had to come back to my page and say that Android kicks hind parts and so does CyanogenMod, links in the Nav Bar.