M. A. Whitehead
Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry
McGill University.

B.Sc. (University of London, Queen Mary College, 1956)
Ph.D. (University of London, Queen Mary College, 1960)
D.Sc. (University of London, 1974)
Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Cincinatti, 1960-61)

2013 Evan Ferguson Award: Sigma Xi Society.
Life Member Claire Hall, CAMBRIDGE, UK.
F.C.I.C. :: F.R.S.C. (UK) C. Chem. :: F.R.S.A.

Fulbright Fellowship, 1960-1962


Honorary Committee Member, Sixteenth International Workshop, QUANTUM SYSTEMS IN CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, September 11-17, 2011, Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of Art, Kanazawa, Japan


Advisor, Fundamental and Applied Pulp and Paper Modelling Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, August, 2011


Honorary Chairman, Fundamental and Applied Pulp and Paper Modelling Symposium, Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada, 27-29th. August, 2008


Chair, Montreal School of Theology (2006 - 2009)


Joint Chair, First Applied Pulp and Paper Molecular Modelling Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 24-26th August, 2005.


Visiting Professor at 

CERMM, Concordia University(2005-)


Director, Canadian and International Constituency GroupSigma Xi (2002-2006), McGill-Montreal Chapter


Visiting Erskine Fellowship University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2000


Director, Canadian Christian and Scientific Association (1998-)



"Molecular Mechanics and Molecular Orbital Theories from full Hartree Fock to Semi-Empirical Theories such as PM3 and PM6, and Density Functional Theory, when understood theoretically explain and predict Molecular Structures and Reactions at the Nano Scale. Computations can, once Computational Problems and Limitations are fully understood, explain known Results and, more importantly, predict new Nano-Structures to synthesize, New Protein structures to make, and design new Antigen-Antibody interactions on paper."

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Prof. M.A. Whitehead

 Summary of Dr. M.A. Whitehead's Festschrift and Pictures of the event are available at SIGMA XI.
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