Team Sponsors

Take a minute to get to know the people and organizations that have helped the Maverick Flight Team get to where it is today!

Ties That Bind
The Jacobsen Family

The list of how the Jacobsen family has helped the Maverick Flight Team is endless.  Ties That Bind is owned and operated by Paula Jacobsen and is the Official Provider of all Maverick Flight Team apparel and all Aviation Department apparel that is sold by the team as a fundraiser.  Thanks to Paula's ideas and generosity, the team has been able to set its fundraising efforts in motion.  To top it off, the Jacobsen family has provided two excellent team members in Kyle and Austin!

Thank you Brent, Paula, Kyle, and Austin Jacobsen for your unparalleled support!!

Minnesota State University - Mankato
The Department of Aviation

Minnesota State University and the Department Aviation provide most of the support of the Maverick Flight Team and we simply could not have accomplished our goals without them.  Monetary donations have helped cover the team's cost of travel to competition and reduce the 'out of pocket' expenses of team members practice and competition flying.

Thank you so much for your continued support!!

North Star Aviation

Without North Star Aviation, the Maverick Flight Team wouldn't get anything done, because we wouldn't have anything to fly!  North Star Aviation provides the aircraft that are used for competition and practice at a discounted price.  They have also provided generous monetary donations to help cover the cost of practice and have allowed the use of their facilities all at the convenience of the team.

Thank you North Star for all of your help!!

Tailwind Group

Without the support of Tailwind Group, Maverick Flight Team would not have been able to make it to SAFECON 2013.

Thank you tailwind Group for all of your continued support!!

The City of Mankato - Regional Airport Commission

The Maverick Flight Team and the Mankato Airport Commission have been working together for a long time, but never on a face to face level.  The commission has allowed the team to hold practices and competitions at the airport and now, the team is giving back by helping to repaint the 'MANKATO' that was once prominently displayed on the ramp.  This is a thank you for all these years that the airport has encouraged us to fly here.  The commission was also kind enough to donate to our team to help cover the cost of hotel stays at remote competitions.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to working together in the future!!