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NIFA Region V SAFECON 2013 Official Results

posted Oct 22, 2013, 6:07 PM by Maverick Flight Team

Maverick Flight Team had a great regional competition this year! Below are some of the results:

    2nd Place Team Overall
    2nd Place Ground Events

    2nd Place Flight Events

    Safety Award!!!

    Top Pilot Award - Trent Fridono

    Top 2 Contestants: MFT Members - Trent Fridono (173 Points) and Patrick Kooima (137 Points)

  For the full official results:

NSA CFI vs. MFT Challenge!!

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On August 30th, 2011, the Maverick Flight Team will be hosting a friendly competition against the Northstar Flight Instructors.  The event is intended to be a unique experience for the flight instructors and great practice for the flight team in preparation for the Regional Competition in October.  The event will start at 3PM with Power-on Landings followed by Power-off Landings and Message Drop.  Once the flight events are done, Aircraft Recognition, Computer Accuracy, and Simulated Comprehensive Navigation will be held in the airport terminal.  For a brief description of the events, check the MFT Events Page.

For Northstar Flight Instructors that are interested in competing, contact the CFI Team Captain, Scott Eisel.  He can explain how the events work and what you should review.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Team Captain Kyle Jacobsen or Team Head Coach Keith Devine.

The Maverick Flight Team is also looking for volunteers to help grade landings during the competition and score the Message Drop event.  If you are interested, contact Team Head Coach Keith Devine at

SAFECON 2011 Results!

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NOTAM 1105221

The National SAFECON results have been posted.  Here is the link:

SAFECON 2011 Results

Congratulations to Southern Illinois University!

Keith Devine
Maverick Flight Team Head Coach

Flight Team Announcements

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NOTAM 1104261

Hello Everyone,

 It has been a busy spring for the Maverick Flight Team. We have undergone officer changes so we can get a head start on the upcoming season. Along with the officer changes, former flight team Captain and region Top Pilot, Keith Devine has become the Head Coach of Maverick Flight Team for the 2011/2012 season. We are excited to be able to keep Keith on board. His past experience will help ensure that MFT stays steered in the right direction. Flight team is also proud to announce the retainment of Jason Ceminsky as our advisor for next year. Jason did an awesome job this past year and MFT is looking forward to working with him again in the future.

 Flight team has also been pursuing fundraising opportunities and sponsors for the upcoming season. We are currently speaking at the Minnesota Business Aviation Association's monthly meeting on May 11th at Minneapolis International Airport. We hope to establish a long lasting relationship with the MBAA along with it's members to help keep Minnesota State aviation graduates working in Minnesota long after graduation. We are very fortunate to be located so close to the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area, which is the home to many different corporate flight departments, as well as the home base to a few commercial airlines. North Star Aviation, our training provider, will be supplying a Piper Seminole at a reduced cost so MFT can fly to the meeting and look even more professional to the MBAA members.

 The flight team is conducting an apparel fundraiser that will end Monday, May 2nd, after the aviation banquet that is coming up this weekend, Saturday, April 30th. We are hoping to have our own table at the banquet so we can show fellow students and alumni our apparel samples, as well as sell some clothing. All proceeds will go to the Maverick Flight Team to be used towards training for competition and paying for member uniforms in the fall. The apparel order form is attached below. Remember it is DUE MONDAY, MAY 2ND. The forms can be turned into any MFT member or Juanita in Armstrong Hall, Room 328.

 MFT will be volunteering at HyVee this summer in late July in an effort to do some more fundraising for the upcoming season. We are also planning a service project with the Midwest Youth Football League that is to take place in late June/early July this summer. Each of these opportunities could lead towards monetary donations to the flight team for the 2011/2012 season.

 Just a few final notes; we have set our PRACTICE SCHEDULE FOR THE FALL!
            Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 - 8:30 PM and
          Saturdays, at the airport, starting at 10:00 AM

            The MFT Informational Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 and                               Wednesday, May 4 at 4:30 PM in Armstrong Hall, Room 13.

 I hope everyone is having a great conclusion to the 2010/2011 school year.

Fly Safe!!
Kyle Jacobsen
Maverick Flight Team Captain

2010 Region V SAFECON Results

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NOTAM 1010211

After a windy and cold week in Crookston, Minnesota, this Saturday, October 16th, was the day of the official NIFA Region V Banquet where individual and team results were announced.  This year's competition included Minnesota State University - Mankato, St. Cloud State University, University of Dubuque, University of North Dakota, and for the first time in over 20 years, the University of Minnesota - Crookston.  The Maverick Flight Team was represented by Keith Devine (Captain), Rebekah Busse, Scott Eisel, Amy Gesch, Kyle Jacobsen, Jakob Kahr, Eric Lefeber, Scott Perry, Matthew Zocher, and Jason Ceminsky (Advisor).  Aircraft Recognition (REC) was held on Thursday on the University of Minnesota - Crookston campus and was the first event of the competition.  The test was rough as it included Japanese helicopters, Russian transports, European turbine trainers, only two U.S. airliners, and all the 'look-alikes' you can imagine.  Three of our five competitors finished in the top ten, including Scott Perry in 6th, Amy Gesch in 7th, and Keith Devine in 9th.  Our overall team Aircraft Recognition score was 48 points, 3 higher than last year.  Right after 'REC' was the Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN) test that is a grueling test of aeronautical knowledge and precision flight planning.  All of us had headaches afterwards, but we later found out that our efforts paid off.  Scott Eisel brought home a 3rd place finish, followed by Keith Devine in 4th, and first time competitor Eric Lefeber in 10th.  The Maverick Flight Team's SCAN team brought in 50 points, 13 better than last year.

Thursday morning was the start of the flight events, and Navigation was up first.  Contestants were given 5 checkpoints and their corresponding coordinates and were required to plot each point on a sectional and flight plan to each of them in the span of 30 minutes.  After the contestant has planned, he/she flies the route with a teammate and is scored on their accuracy.  A one point penalty is given per second the aircraft is early or late to each checkpoint and 10 points per tenth of a gallon the fuel calculation was off.  To complicate things, teams are required to find and record hidden locations and symbols that judges placed on the ground.  This year's planning was conducted in a storage shed for snow removal equipment and no clock to keep track of our planning time.  Fortunately, we did well considering the distractions.  The team of Keith Devine and Scott Eisel finished 5th and the team of Amy Gesch and Scott Perry finished 6th.  The 'NAV' teams brought in 84 team points, 2 less than least year, but considering the winds and  planning area, the results were impressive.  High winds delayed the landing events, but the Flight Trainer and Preflight events continued.  Flight Trainer was conducted in a Frasca 242 set up like a steam gauge Warrior and contestants were required to fly complex maneuvers at exact airspeeds, altitudes, and headings solely by reference to instruments.  For every 2 knots, 10 feet, and 3 degrees, the competitor is off, they receive a 1 point penalty per second and the lowest score wins.  After 5 minutes of the most intense instrument scan imaginable, Keith Devine and Scott Perry finished 5th and 8th respectively, scoring 29 team points, 1 more than last year.  Preflight was conducted on a Piper Arrow that was bugged with over 40 discrepancies.  The contest is given 15 minutes to conduct a continuous preflight (no going back to double check something) in a pitch black hangar with only a flashlight.  Keith Devine and Scott Perry found things like missing placards, unsecured seats, door latches that opened the wrong way, missing static wicks, two red nav lights, a flat tire, loose fuel cap, inconsistent tail numbers, overweight baggage compartment, and registration for a different airplane.  Keith and Scott finished 6th and 10th respectively, earning 26 team points.  Because high winds continued to delay landings on Thursday, the Computer Accuracy test was held during the down time.  The test includes 40 questions that are solved using an E6B and/or CR-3 (non electric) flight computer.  The University of North Dakota had dominated the event with all five of their competitors finishing in the top five since 2007, but this year, Keith Devine was able to squeak into 5th place with a score of 34 and finishing in just over 42 minutes, breaking the three year steak.  First year competitor Kyle Jacobsen finished in 9th place and the 'COMPACC' team scored 47 team points, 12 more than last year.  This concluded Thursday's events as landings were pushed back to Friday.

Friday morning was particularly frigid as the team's aircraft had accumulated a layer of frost that required extensive scraping to remove.  Power-off landings were held first and were challenging with the 15+ knots winds and substantial crosswind.  The Power-offs are similar to power-off 180s, but at a NIFA competition, pilots are required to pull power abeam the landing point, fly a square pattern, and land on a line on the runway, closest to the line wins.  To complicate things, aircraft are sent up in a heat of four, and proper spacing is a must.  Following C152s in a Warrior can be a bit tricky.  Keith Devine and Scott Eisel finished 10th and 12th respectively, and the entire landings team received 56 team points, 28 better than last year.  The Message Drop Event was held next and involved flying an aircraft at about 100 knots at 200ft AGL and dropping a light container out of the window, trying to hit the target.  The wind made the event very challenging, but the team of Scott Eisel (Pilot) and first time competitor Jakob Kahr (Drop Master) finished 2nd averaging an accuracy within 50 feet of each target.  The Message Drop team scored 46 team points, 12 more than last year.  The short field power-on landings were not held due to wind resulting in a major blow to the Maverick Flight Team as practices had yielded great scores that would have helped the team overall.

Individual honors included Amy Gesch finishing 2nd in the Top Scoring Female Contestant category, missing 1st place by only 3 points.  The next honor was the Top Pilot award, given to the outstanding pilot of the entire competition.  This award is judged on performance in SCAN, power-on landings, power-off landings, flight trainer, preflight, and navigation events and considered to be the most prestigious award any collegiate pilot can receive.  The University of North Dakota has had a competitor receiving the Top Pilot Award every year since 1995 and according to the NIFA archives, Minnesota State has never had a Top Pilot Award Winner.  Both streaks ended this Saturday as Keith Devine received the 2010 Region V Top Pilot Award, scoring 102 points toward the award and 130 team points overall.  The award is a great honor for Keith, the team, the MSU aviation program, and MSU itself.

The team awards were the last items to be announced.  For the ground events, including Aircraft Recognition, Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation, Computer Accuracy, Flight Trainer and Preflight, the Maverick Flight Team finished 2nd behind the University of North Dakota, scoring 200 points, 27 more than last year!  In the flight events, including Navigation, Message Drop, and Power-off Landings (Power-on's were not held), the Maverick Flight Team finished 3rd with 182 points, 18 points less than last year, but again, Power-on's were not held due to weather.  Overall, the team finished with 382 points, 9 more than last year.  The top two teams at the competition received a National bid, and the first position was taken by the University of North Dakota, scoring 672 points overall.  The University of Dubuque finished in 2nd place with 383 points, merely ONE POINT ahead of the Maverick Flight Team.  The team was disappointed, but very proud of the great performance.  The Region V Director informed all of us that we should  petition the NIFA National Headquarters for a bid to the National competition because of the late addition of a fifth team, cancellation of an event with huge point possibilities, and simply because of how close team scores were.  The team is currently working on a letter to the National Director and there is a still a good possibility that the Maverick Flight Team will be attending the 2011 National SAFECON in Columbus, Ohio!!!!!

Congratulations and thank you to Minnesota State University - Mankato, the Aviation Department, the aviation students, and Northstar  Aviation!!!!  This is a victory for all of you and the Maverick Flight Team could not have done it without you!

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