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Half-fold Brochure Designs 

Brochures are a great way to convey your business message because they afford a significant amount of "structured page space".

At MAvC Graphics, we'll use that page space to make your brochure informative, visually appealing, and unique!

With tri-fold brochure design & custom z-fold brochures design, the three panels on either side, provide the structure to outline and present your company's products and services thoroughly.

Custom half-fold brochure designs allow you to take advantage of the larger space afforded by 2 panels per page side.

At MAvC Graphics, we'll typeset and organize your information to make your brochure project your business with professional style using your color preferences and as per your specifications.

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Send me your written brief, photos, & content info.


I'll contact you right away to get started & discuss your project in detail. 

Then, I'll send a link to you to view the designs I've created (Your Proof Page)

Use the form on your proof page to advise me of your preferences, the changes you'd like to see, etc.

Once your design has been revised to your satisfaction, check the "Final Proof Approval" box provided on your proof page form.
Upon final proof approval, I'll make your files available for you to download for print, and/or web use. (Print services also available upon request for great saving rates)
If you also order printing, additional charges will likely apply, & your files will be sent to print. Your print order will be shipped to the address listed on your account. Use the "Add To Cart" button  below to order printing with design included.

Beige Brochure Background Template Sample
orange-yellow brochure background sample          I create Tri-fold,  Z-fold, & Half-Fold brochure designs.
Blue Brochure Background Sample
Brochure Sample Background  
Financial Services Brochure Background Sample


Beachscape Brochure Background Sample


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