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Scientific papers     Maurizio G. Paoletti 1968-2015

François Malaisse, Paulette Roulon-Doko, Georges Lognay & Maurizio G. Paoletti 2015. Les Lépidoptères (papillons, chenilles et chrysalides) dans l'alimentation humaine. In: Elisabeth Florac & Philippe Le Gall (Eds.), "Les insectes et la santè", Tour a book in the collection "Table des hommes"
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Belluco Simone, Carmen Losasso, Michela Maggioletti, Cristiana C. Alonzi, Antonia Ricci, Maurizio G. Paoletti 2015. Edible insects: a food security solution or a food safety concern? Animal Frontiers, 5 (2): 25-30
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Last Luisa, Michaela Arndorfer, Katalin Balazs, Peter Dennis, Tetyana Dyman, Wendy Fjellstad, Jürgen K. Friedel, Felix Herzog, Philipp Jeanneret, Gisela Lüscher, Gerardo Moreno, Norman Kwikiriza, Tiziano Gomiero, Maurizio G. Paoletti, Philippe Pointereau, Jaen-Pierre Sarthou, Siyka Stoyanova, Sebastian Wolfrum, Roland Kölliker 2014. Indicators for the on-farm assessment of crop cultivar and livestock breed diversity: A survey-based participative approach. Biodiversity and Conservation, 23 (12): 3051-3071 I.F.2.10 Q2
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Manno N., Sherratt S., Boaretto F., Mejia Coico F., Espinoza Camus C., Jara C., Musumeci S., Battisti A., Quinnell R., Mostacero Leon J., Vazza G., Mostacciuolo M.L., Paoletti M.G. and Falcone F.H. 2014. High prevalence of chitotriosidase deficiency in Peruvian Amerindians exposed to chitin-bearing food and enteroparasites. Carbohydrate Polymers, 113:607-614.
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Lüscher G., Jeanneret P., Schneider M.K., Hector A., Arndorfer M., Balázs K., Báldi A., Bailey D., Choisis J.P., Dennis P., Dramstad W., Eiter S., Elek Z., Engan G., Fjellstad W., Gillingham P., Jerkovich G., Kainz M., Kovács-Hostyánszki A., Hülsbergen K.J., Paoletti M.G., Sommaggio D., Papaja-Hülsbergen S., Sarthou J.P., Siebrecht N., Wolfrum S., Herzog F. 2015. Strikingly high effect of geographic location on fauna and flora of European agricultural grasslands. Basic and Applied Ecology, 16(4): 281-290.
Targetti S., Herzog F., Geijzendorffer I.R., Wolfrum S., Arndorfer M., Balazs K., Choisis J.P., Dennis P., Eiter S., Fjellstad W., Friedel J.K., Jeanneret P., Jongman R.H., Kainz M., Luescher G., Moreno G., Zanetti T., Sarthou J.P., Stoyanova S.,Wiley D.; Paoletti M.G., Viaggi D. 2014. Estimating the cost of different strategies for measuring farmland biodiversity: evidence from a Europe-wide field evaluation. Ecological Indicators, 45:434-443
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Schneider M.K. , Lüscher G., Jeanneret P., Arndorfer M. , Bailey D., Balács K. , Choisis J.-P. , Dennis P. , Fjellstad W. , Fraser M., Frank T., Friedel J.K. , Gillingham P. , Jerkovich G. , Gomiero T. , Jongman R.H.G. , Kainz, M. , Moreno G. , Oschaz, M.-L., Paoletti M.G., Pointereau P. , Sarthou J.-P. , Siebrecht N. , Sommaggio D., Vale J., Wolfrum S and Herzog F. 2014. Can organic farming halt the decline in farmland biodiversity: an evaluation on 169 farms in ten European regions. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 4151, p. 1-9. doi: 10.1038/ncomms5151
Lüscher G., Jeanneret P., SchneiderA. H., Turnbull A., Michaela Arndorfer,M., Balázs K., Báldi A., Bailey D., K. G. Bernhardt, Jean-Philippe Choisis J. P., T. Frank., Friedel J.K.,Kainz M., Kovács-Hostyánszki A., Hülsbergen K., Oschatz M.L., Paoletti M.G., Papaja-Hülsbergen S., Sarthou J.P., Siebrecht N., Wolfrum S., Herzog F. 2014. Responses of plants, earthworms, spiders and bees to geographic location, agricultural management and surrounding landscape in European arable fields. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 186:124-134.
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Herzog F., P. Jeanneret, Y. Ammari, S. Angelova, M. Arndorfer, D. Bailey, K. Balázs, A. Báldi, R.G.H. Bunce, J.-P. Choisis, P. Dennis, T. Dyman, S. Eiter, W. Fjellstad1, M.D. Fraser, T. Frank, J.K. Friede, S. Garchi, I. Geijzendorffer, T. Gomiero, R.H.G. Jongman7, M. Kainz, E. Kakudidi, E. Kelemen, N. Kwikiriza, A. Kovács-Hostyánszki, L. Last, G. Lüscher, G. Moreno, C. Nkwiine, J. Opio, M.-L. Oschatz, M.G. Paoletti, P. Pointereau, J.-P. Sarthou, M.K. Schneider, N. Siebrecht, D. Sommaggio, S. Stoyanova, S. Targetti, J.E. Vale, D. Viaggi, S. Wolfrum , S. Yashchenko. 2013. A toolbox for farmland biodiversity measurement . SOLUTIONS, July-August 2013, pp 53-58.
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Paoletti M.G. 2013. Towards a Sustainable Agriculture. In: Nath B., L. Hens, P.Compton and B.Devuyst. Environmental Management in Practice: Volume 2. Compartments, Stressors and Sectors. Routledge, London, pp. 179-197.
Enghoff H., Tchibozo S., List M., Schwarzinger C., Schwarzinger B.,Schoefberger W., Manno N., and M.G. Paoletti. 2013. Millipedes as food for humans. Their nutritional and possible anti-malaria value. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, accepted
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Kelemen E., Geneviève Nguyen, Tiziano Gomiero, Eszter Kovács, Jean-Philippe Choisis, Norma Choisis, Maurizio G. Paoletti, László Podmaniczky, Julie Ryschawy, Jean-Pierre Sarthou, Katalin Balázs. 2013. Farmers� perceptions on biodiversity: Lessons learnt from a discourse-based qualitative valuation study. Land Use Policy, 35: 318-328
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Paoletti M.G., Daniele Sommaggio, Silvia Fusaro. 2013. Proposta di Indice di Qualità Biologica del Suolo (QBS-e)basato sui Lombrichi e applicato agli Agroecosistemi. Biologia Ambientale 27 (2): 25-43
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Engel Summers A.,Paoletti M.G., Beggio M., Dorigo L., Pamio A., Gomero T. Furlan C., Brilli M., Bertoni R., A.L. Dreon, A. Squartini. 2013. Comparative microbial community composition from secondary carbonate (moonmilk) deposits: implications for the Cansiliella servadeii cave hygropetric food web. International Journal of Speleology, 42 (3): 181-192
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Paoletti M.G., Luca Mazzon, Isabel Martinez-Sañudo, Mauro Simonato, Mattia Beggio, Angelo Leandro Dreon, Alberto Pamio, Tiziano Gomiero, Mauro Brilli, Luca Dorigo, Annette Summers Engel, Alessandra Tondello, Barbara Baldan, Giuseppe Concheri, and Andrea Squartini. 2013. A unique midgut-associated bacterial community hosted by the cave beetle Cansiliella servadeii (Coleoptera: Leptodirini) reveals parallel phylogenetic divergences from universal gut-specific ancestors. BMC Microbiology, 13: 2-16
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Belluco S., C. Losasso, M. Maggioletti , C. C. Alonzit, M. G. Paoletti * and A. Ricci. 2013 Edible Insects in a Food Safety Perspective: a Critical Review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 12(3): 296-313.
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Nuti M.,Squartini A., Nannipieri P., Giovannetti E., M.G. Paoletti. 2012. Le biodiversità nel terreno agrario, in Le biodiversità e il metagenoma del terreno agrario. Quaderno 2010-IX Supplemento a "I Georgofili. Atti dell'Accademia dei Georgofili" Anno 2010, Serie VIII, Vol. (186°dall'inizio). pp 1-20.
Paoletti M.G.,Dreon A.L.,Dorigo L, Beggio M., Pamio A., Concina G., Simonutti V., Toniello V., Brilli M., Concheri G. , A. Squartini. 2012. Una nuova catena alimentare basata sui batteri del moonmilk? Ricerche su Cansiliella servadeii, un coleottero troglobio del Monte Ciaurlec. Gruppo Speleologico Pradis. Tra Rocce, Fauna e Storia 2006/2011. pp 155-163
Cooper E.L., Mariappan B., Chih-Yang Huang, C. R. Tsao, J. Heredia, Tommaseo Ponzetta M., Paoletti M.G. 2012. Earthworms Dilong: Ancient, Inexpensive, Noncontroversial Models May Help Clarify Approaches to Integrated Medicine Emphasizing Neuroimmune Systems. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 11 pp doi:10.1155/2012/164152
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Nascimbene J., Marini L. and M.G. Paoletti 2012. Organic farming benefits local plant diversity in vineyard farms located in intensive agricultural Landscapes. Environmental Management, 49:1064-1060.
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Paoletti et al, 2011. Ethnobiology of Munnozia pinnatipartita (Compositae: Liabeae), an intriguing Weed of Dairy Farms and Its Use as an Herbicide to Convert Pastures into Cloud Forest in the Otonga reserve in Highland Ecuador. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 36: 69-82.
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Muzzarelli RA.A, Boudrant J Diederic. M., Manno N., De Marchis M., Paoletti M.G. 2011 Current views on fungal chitin/chitosan, human chitinases, food preservation, glucans, pectins and inulin: A tribute to Henri Braconnot, precursor of the carbohydrate polymers science, on the chitin bicentennial. Carbohydrate Polymers, 87: 995-1012.
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Fontaneto D., Tommaseo-Ponzetta M., Galli C., Risè P. Glew R.H., M.G. Paoletti 2011. Differences in Fatty Acids Composition between Aquatic and Terrestrial Insects used as Food in Human Nutrition. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 50: 351–367.
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Turner, N., L. Luczaj, P. Migliorini, A. Pieroni, A. L. Dreon, L. E. Sacchetti, and Paoletti, M.G. 2011. Edible and Tended Wild Plants, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Agroecology. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 30(1-2):198-225.
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Gomiero, T., Pimentel, D., Paoletti, M.G., 2011. Environmental Impact of Different Agricultural Management Practices: Conventional vs. Organic Agriculture. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 30(1-2):95-124.
Paoletti, M.G., Gomiero, T., Pimentel, D.2011. Is there a need for a more sustainable agriculture? Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 30(1-2):6-23.
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Paoletti, M.G., Gomiero, T., Pimentel, D. 2011.Introduction to the Special Issue.Towards a more sustainable agricolture. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 30(1-2):2-5.
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Vanzani P, Rossetto M., De Marco V., Sacchetti l.E., Paoletti M.G., A. Rigo.2011. Wild Mediterranean Plants as Traditional Food: A Valuable Source of Antioxidants. Journal of Food Science, 76(1): 46-51.
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Paoletti M.G., Beggio M., Dreon A.L., Pamio A., Gomiero T., Brilli M., Concheri G., Squartini A., Engel Summers A. 2011. A New foodweb based on microbes in calcitic caves. The Cansiliella (Beetles) case in Northern Italy. International Journal of Speleology, 40(1): 45-52.
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Gomiero, T., e Paoletti, M.G., 2009. Etanolo da residui colturali: possibili effetti pedogenetici. Estimo e Territorio. 5 (maggio): 25-29.
Gomiero T. e Paoletti M.G. 2009. Efficienza energetica ed emissioni di CO2: come misurarle? Bioagricoltura, (marzo/aprile), 47-50.
Gomiero, T., e Paoletti, M.G., 2009. Efficienza energetica ed emissioni di CO2: come misurarle? Bioagricoltura, (marzo/aprile), 47-50.
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Gomiero T. e M.G. Paoletti 2009.L'uso dei residui agricoli per la produzione di etanolo: un'opzione o un rischio? in: Paoletti M.G e T. Gomiero Opportunità e limiti delle groenergie. Aracne, Roma. pp 189-202.
Paoletti M.G. e T. Gomiero 2009. La questione energia verde: la necessità di una visione globale in: Paoletti M.G e T. Gomiero Opportunità e limiti delle agroenergie. Aracne, Roma. pp 19-40.
Paoletti, M.G., Beggio, M., Pamio, A., Gomiero, T., Brilli, M., Dreon, A.L., Toniello, V., and Engel, A.S., 2009, Comparison of three moonmilk cave habitats associated with troglobitic beetles, in W.B. White, ed., Proceedings 15th International Congress of Speleology: Kerrville, Texas, 1: 400-403.
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Pimentel D. and Paoletti M.G. 2009. Developing a 21st Century view of Agriculture and Environment. In: N. Ferry and A.M.R: Gatehouse (Eds) Environmental impact of Genetically Modified. CABI International, London, pp. 42-58.
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Gomiero T., D. Pimentel M.G. Paoletti 2009. Biofuels: Efficiency, Ethics, and Limits to Human Appropriation of Ecosystem Services
JAEE, 23(5): 403-434.
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Cozzarini E Bellin M., Norberto L., Polese L., Musumeci S., Lanfranchi G. and Paoletti M.G. 2009. Chitotriosidase and Acidic Mammalian Chitinase expression in human gastric mucosa correlates with inflammation and H. pylori infection? European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepathology, 21(10):1119-1126.
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Paoletti M.G., D'Incà A., Tonin E.,Tonon S., Migliorini C., Petruzzelli G., Pezzarossa B., Gomiero T.,and D. Sommaggio. 2010. Optimizing sampling of soil invertebrates as bio-indicators in a natural area converted from agricultural use: the case study of Vallevecchia- Lugugnana in North-Eastern Italy. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 34(1):38-56.
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Zagrobelny M., Dreon A.L., Gomiero T.,Marcazzan G.L.,Glaring M. A., Lindberg Moller B., and M.G. Paoletti. 2009 Toxic butterflies: a truly safe delicacy. J. Ethnobiology 29(1): 64-76.
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Paoletti M.G., Norberto L., Cozzarini E., and S. Musumeci. 2009. Role of AMCase in the Gastric Digestion of Chitin. In: Musumeci S. and M.G. Paoletti (eds.) Nova Science publ. N.Y.,  pp 339-358.
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Gomiero  T. Paoletti  M.G. 2008 . Organic and sustainable agriculture and energy conservation   In: D. Pimentel ed. Biofuels, Solar and Wind as Reneuvable  Energy System. Benefits and Risks.  Springer,  pp 425-464.
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Blakemore, R.J. , C. Csuzdi, M. T. Ito, N. Kaneko, M. G. Paoletti, S. E. Spiridonov, T. Uchida and B. D. Van Praagh  2006 Megascolex (Promegascolex) mekongianus Cognetti, 1922 – its extent, ecology and allocation to Amynthas (Clitellata/Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae). Opuscola  Zoologica, Budapest, 36: 1-12.
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Paoletti M.G., Tsitsilas A., Thomson L.J., Taiti S. and Umina P.A 2007. The flood bug, Australiodillo bifrons (Isopoda: Armadillidae): a potential pest of cereals in Australia?  Applied Soil Ecology. 39: 76-83.  I.F. 1.92.
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Moreno A. and  M.G. Paoletti 2004. Andiorhinus kuru n. sp. one giant earthworm (Oligochaeta: Glossoscolecidae) food resource for Makiritare Indians of the alto rio Padamo, Amazonas, Venezuela. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 82(3): 1000-1004.
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