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Maurizio Guido Paoletti

The main research activities of Prof. Paoletti include Ecology of Biodiversity as measure of Sustainability, Agroecology, soil invertebrates ecology, foodweb studies and non conventional food such as wild plants and  minilivestock.

He is the author of 280 scientific papers and 22 edited books (has I.F.280 and S.C.I. 3500). His analytical work has been based on protracted research conducted in Italy, USA and in the Tropics (Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, China, Vietnam and Australia). He has been invited as visiting scholar at Ohio State University in 1987, at Cornell University in 1992, at Colorado State University at Boulder in 1999 and La Trobe and Melbourne University in 2005-2006.
Prof. Paoletti has also been invited to deliver presentations and seminars before diverse international audiences including at the Fry University of Bruxelles, at the University of Helsinki, Oxford, Wageningen and Amsterdam, as well as Sofia, Budapest and Beijing.

Prof. Paoletti has track record in managing international research projects on, inter alia, field margins and biodiversity bioindicators in Europe, China, Australia and Amazon. Notably, he has led numerous of European Commission funded research projects (TEMPUS, STD, AIR, ALFA). One of his latest projects focuses on the assessment of minilivestock in Amazon and Europe. A new foodweb based on bacteria, some of it autotrophic, is underway in calcitic caves.

Bioindicators of sustainable farming is part of an European Project (2009-2012) BioBio. Human chitinases  as way to digest chitin is a new approach toward the adoption of insects and other arthopods as human, more sustainable  food.


at Worcester College, Oxford for seminars

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