Binomuim Chitin-Chitinase Recent Issues

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Musumeci S and Paoletti M.G. (eds.) 2008. Chitin-Chitinase Binomium: Emerging Issues. Nova Science Publ. N.Y. 457 pp.

Role of Chitinases in Human Stomach for Chitin Digestion: AMCase in the Gastric Digestion of Chitin and Chitin in Gastric Pathologies.

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  1. New Aspects of Chitin Chemistry and Enzymology
    Riccardo A.A. Muzzarelli

  2. Roles of Chitinases in Nature
    Neetu Dahiya

  3. Chitin, Chitinases and Chitinase-Like Proteins: A Hypothesis on Ancestral Relationships
    Andrea Giansanti, Fabio Mecozzi and Salvatore Musumeci

  4. Chitinase in Fungal and Bacterial Sepsis
    Helen Mickelakakis and Ioannis Labadaridis

  5. The Origin and Genetics of Human Chitinases
    R.G. Boot, D. Speijer, A.P. Bussink and J.M.F.G. Aerts

  6. Polymorphism of Chitotriosidase in Human Populations
    Andrea Angius

  7. The Gaucher Cell and Chitotriosidase, the Phagocyte Chitinase
    J.M. Aerts and R.G. Boot

  8. "Chtinase Activity in Atherosclerosis Disease"
    Ana Cenarro and Fernando Civeira

  9. Chitotriosidase Activity in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Juvenile Sercoidosis
    Juergen Brunner

  10. Chitinases in Neurological Diseases
    Stefano Sotgiu

  11. Chitin in Alzheimer's Disease
    Luis F. Gonzalez-Cuyar and Rudy J. Castellani

  12. Chitin and Chitinase in Anticancer Research
    Xing Quing Pan

  13. YKL-40 in Inflammation, Tissue Remodeling and Cancer
    Julia S. Johansen

  14. Plasma Chitotriosidase Activity in Beta-Thalassemia
    Rita Barone

  15. Chitotriosidase in Plasmodium, Anopheles and Human Interaction
    Maria Musumeci, Andrea Giansanti and Salvatore Musumeci

  16. Role of AMCase in the Allergic and Non Allergic Ocular Pathologies
    Maria Musumeci and Salvatore Musumeci

  17. Chitinases in the Immune Response
    Maria Musumeci and Salvatore Musumeci

  18. The Role of Chitin and Chitinases in Asthma
    Max A.Seibold and Esteban Gonzalez Burchard

  19. Chitinase-Like Lectins in Humans
    Julia Kzhyshkowska

  20. Role of Chitinases in Human Stomach for Chitin Digestion: AMCase in the Gastric Digestion of Chitin and Chit in Gastric Pathologies
    Maurizio G. Paoletti, Lorenzo Norberto, Elisa Cozzarini and Salvatore Musumeci

  21. Role of Chitinase in Gastroenterology
    Emiko Mizoguchi and Mayumi Kawada

  22. The Biochemical Significance of Allosamidins as Chitinase Inhibitors
    Shohei Sakuda

  23. From Danger Signal to Messengers of Symbiosis: Recognition of Chitin and Chitin-Derive Chito-Oligosaccharides in Nature
    Franco H. Falcone
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