Ecology of Biodiversity and Sustainability


Present activities

  • Ethnobiology: wild plants and small animals (the minilivestock) species traditionally in use in tropical and temperate countries. Role of chitin-chitinase to verify whether humans are capable of chitin digestion.

  • Agroecology: effects agroecosystems management on soil biodiversity and soil health, in particular concerning conventional-intensive vs organic/low-input agriculture practices. Efficiency and multidimentional effects, with particular concern on soil ecology and ethical issues.

  • Agroenergy: efficiency and multidimentional effects, with particular concern on soil ecology and ethical issues.

  • Biondicators: invertebrates as Indicators for biodiversity in non disturbed environments and organic and low-input - conventional - farming systems.

  • Food webs: A troglobitic beetles, Cansiliella (Leptodirinae), is studied as a model of a new foodweb based on moonmilk bacteria, up to 187 clones, most of whic are new for science. In the beetle gut up to 30 bacteria have been found totally new.

  • Conservation biology: how sustainable farming systems can interact with biodiversity above and into soils.

Recent edited books

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