I am an assistant professor at the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO). Earlier I was a postdoc at the Math Department of the University of Bergen, working with Irina Markina and Alexander Vasiliev; a DFG postdoc at the Mathematisches Institut of the University of Göttingen, working with Wolfram Bauer; a DIGITEO postdoc at Supélec, division of Control and Systemsworking with Yacine Chitour and Petri Kokkonen; and before that I worked at the  CMAP (École Polytechnique) under the supervision of Ugo Boscain

I completed my PhD thesis at the Math Department of the University of Bergen, under the supervision of Irina Markina and Alexander Vasiliev. Before that, I wrote my MSc thesis in Complex Geometry at the Math Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (yup... long name), under the supervision of Rubén Hidalgo and Alexander Mednykh (who actually works at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics.)

At the risk of being presumptuous (which is as pretentious a phrase as the words pretentious and presumptuous), my research interest is geometry. Of course saying "geometry" means very little so, to be precise, let's say I've been doing some sub-Riemannian geometry and also studying what happens when you try to make two manifolds roll against one another (not yet worthy of a wikipedia page). While trying to find myself, I've worked on a generalization of difference equations to metric graphs and also in finding closed formulas for the volume of some non-Euclidean polyhedra.  If you managed to read until here, you might want to check my CV.

PS 1: I'm not very good at "serious" pictures. The one you see here is following the standard tour "Norway in a Nutshell" departing from Bergen (December 2008). Here I'm in the bus from Voss to Gudvangen. The photo was taken by Ana Cecilia de la Maza (Mathematician at UFRO, Chile).
Trust me... it's one of the better pictures I have.

PS 2: I tried to find all the webpages in English. If they're not, then it is either easy to change the language or I could not find an English version.