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02 February 2015. Well, that's the festive season out of the way, and for me, a house move as well. Now, apart from renovating, it's back to my computer to continue with my crime story. The first five chapters are complete, or at least a 1st draft of the first five chapters is, and I have also completed a rough outline of the rest of the plot too. So, it's just a matter of filling in the gaps, and, write, write, write. I'm encouraged to keep plodding away, by the current popularity this genre. I have also been remiss as regards social media. So, with a bit more spare time now, I will remedy that very soon.       

12 Nov 2014. Happy with the beginning draft of my crime story. Getting quite excited at the prospects of reading the finished draft, and its sensational ending. But, I must get back to the keyboard, and write some more.   

30 Oct 2014. I am well on with writing my crime story. It's a daunting task, and quite a challenge for me, especially when I'm writing murder scenes, which incorporate such horrendous and sordid details. I probably won't write another crime story, but, hopefully, when finished, it will be a good read for lovers of crime stories.   

15 Sep 2014. 99 Cents Book Sale. For this week only, all my books will be 99 cents each. Take a look at View My Books at Smashwords

14 Sep 2014. I'm busy writing my next novel, "The Devil Strikes at Night." Yes, you guessed it. It's a murder story, which is a challenge for me. But, no worries, the story is moving along quite nicely. 

09 Aug 2014. Published "The Urban Soldier" as an e-book at "The Urban Soldier at Smashwords

27 July 2014. Very busy writing the basics for 2 new novels, and editing "The Urban Soldier", which I have decided to publish as an e-book.

04 July 2014. "Atmospheric" my award winning poetry, available for a limited time for "FREE" from Smashwords

20 June 2014. "Penelopes Wedding" is a novella of approximately 13,000 words. It is a lighthearted story about a father who suspects the man his daughter is about to marry is not as nice as he seems and the pranks her father gets up to to prevent it, knows no bounds. 

"Penelopes Wedding" is available for a limited time for "FREE" from Smashwords

I may write a couple more novellas and then publish them. But first, I have other novels which I need to think about writing.  

24 April 2014. "Lost in Transit" published at "Smashwords." 

07 March 2014. Just returned from a lengthy visit to Australia, where I spent time with family and friends, and took a holiday in the South Pacific. Writing has been on hold for a while. So, it's back to my writing desk to explore all the ideas that I have thought of during this time. 

27 December 2013. "Fast Track Your Novel". released at "Smashwords." Save years learning the tricks of the trade! "Fast Track Your Novel" is a book for novel writers of all abilities. Check it out at Smashwords

24 August 2013. View my latest Smashwords Interview by clicking the following link: Smashwords

22 August 2013. The Prime Ministers Rival, a suspense thriller, Twilight, short stories, and Atmospheric, a book of my award winning poetry have been published at Smashwords. View samples of these books by clicking the following link: Smashwords


I have several books currently in the planning stage. For additional details please visit my Novels Page.  

All my future book releases will be available in E-Book Format and the Interactive Mobile Fiction process.   

I will be participating in poetry and short story competitions in numerous countries where possible.

I am assessing the viability of publishing my own works, is well advanced. 

In addition to writing, I can provide a selection of services, including: Ghostwriting, Editing, Proofreading, Story plotting and General writing, and general assistance and advice.