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England, 1947, Jack is not yet three, but he already knows he should have been a girl, and that he has another mother, somewhere, and this woman calling herself his mother, has just attacked him with a knife and threatened to kill him.

Jack hates his first eight years of school, Mrs McDonald who uses her wooden ruler for more than drawing lines, and the snot flicking Mr Johnson, who is hell bent on making his time at school as difficult as possible. And as Jack prepares for his next school, he has just heard it's even worse. 

By now, he is having to contend with a weak father who responds to his questions with a gibberish answer, and a strong mother who is unable to show her love, and a brother who couldn't care less. Jack has no one to turn to for help and thinks of ending his life. But he can't summon the courage to do it.

If he only knew what challenges life has in store for him, maybe he would have found the courage to do it. But then he would have missed all the good things and the chance to find love, in the one place he never thought to look.

THE PRIME MINISTERS RIVAL (novel): - To read a sample or purchase this book in e-book format, follow this link: The Prime Ministers Rival

After his mother’s funeral, Foster Saunders returns to his white walled cottage nestled high on the cliffs of Rainbow Ridge, to find a letter, informing him, he has another mother who has just died, and after calling the lawyer’s office, he discovers he was adopted. Intrigued, he attends the woman's will reading, and visits her house, where he finds a Box Brownie containing an undeveloped film. He decides to have the film developed, and discovers, the mother and father he never knew were spies for the British Government during WWII, and posed as a married couple.

The current Prime Minister, John D Jackson, is a ruthless individual, and Foster fears should he discover his real parents weren't married, he will use this to damage his political reputation, thereby put an end to his own aspiration to oust the Prime Minister.  To make Foster’s situation worse, his ex lover, Sarah Pritchard, is still hostile and bitter towards him, and she is the PM's assistant.

Will Foster full-fill his ambition to become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain? Will he find his father, the father he never knew he had? The odds are certainly stacked against him, and the pile keeps getting higher, and higher. How far is Foster prepared to go to achieve his aims? What laws, is he prepared to break? What sins, is he prepared to commit? Blackmail, Murder!

LOST IN TRANSIT (novel): - To read a sample or purchase this book in e-book format, follow this link: Lost in Transit

This book is based on a true story about one man's epic journey through life's setbacks and triumphs. Names have been changed to protect the people concerned, and some places where the action occurred have been altered. 

The story starts by describing how Jack Smith’s gaunt twisted face and his slim five foot nine inch sagging and stooped frame, mirrors the sad, tired, dowdy office in which he sits, confused. Why is he sat in such a dowdy room about to talk about his private life to a man he's never even met before, why does he have so many unanswered questions spinning around inside his head, and why are the odds always stacked against him?

To discover how Jack came to be at this low point in his life, the story goes back fifty years in time, to a period just after WWII, and takes us on a journey to the opposite side of the world.

Will Jack survive the continuous turmoil that life throws at him? Will his questions ever be answered? Will he ever find true love and happiness? Only the time it takes to read this book will tell.

TWILIGHT (short stories): - To read a sample or purchase this book in e-book format, follow this link: Twilight

(Taken from a 5* Review) This anthology is aptly named, as the stories tread a fine line between the mainstream and the surreal. The variety of settings and scenarios will hold the reader's attention and take them somewhere new with each story. Whether during a storm aboard a transport ship or to the cells of a Bangkok jail. In each story the author skillfully manages to set the scene and atmosphere to such an extent the reader really does feel like a fly on the wall of what's happening, which is quite apt as in one of the stories, a very clever and original idea, the narrator is indeed, 'a fly on the wall.'

At nearly sixty thousand words, this is no throw-away effort of slightly elongated flash fiction, but a real collection of well written and thoughtfully developed stories that keep the reader thoroughly entertained, effortlessly combining elements of the adventure genre with that of the thriller and suspense. Some of the stories follow the tried and trusted short story format of providing the reader with a clever and unexpected ending, whilst in others, they simply draw to a logical and satisfying conclusion, thus keeping the reader guessing and intrigued right to the end. I would definitely recommend this to fans of the short story and novella genre, and indeed, anyone who enjoys reading well written stories of any length.

ATMOSPHERIC (poetry): - To obtain a copy of this book in e-book format, follow this link:  Atmospheric

The author is a four time winner of "The Editors Choice Award" awarded by "The International Society of Poets" for his poems, "Holding Back A Tear" - "Reflections" - "Death Of A Friendship" - and the widely acclaimed emotionally charged, "The Cross."

A selection of the other poems in "Atmospheric" are:      

Rockspider - Warriors - Dreaming - Two Orange Plantpots - Monsoon Raindrops - If Tomorrow Never Came - Lost at Sea - The Storm - The Farmer - The Humble Pencil - The Day You Walked My Way - Goodnight Love - She - The Soldier - Through a Little Boys Eyes - Genie in The Lamp - The Land I Left Behind - Days of Shame - The Circus Comes to Town - Kiwi - I Stumbled - Little Ray of Sunshine - My Prayer - New Horizons; and - Things Aint What They Used To Be.

PENELOPES WEDDING (novella): - For a limited time you can obtain this book (FREE) in e-book format, by following this link: Penelopes Wedding

It's springtime, and the village of Sunny Dale is abuzz with talk of Penelope's wedding. But how could the wedding of an ideal couple in such a peaceful idyllic English village, cause so much trouble?

Built during the sixteenth century, the majestic turreted stone clad fortress of the Montgomery's stately residence sits next to the River Dale, which meanders its way gently passed the estate as it flows slowly towards the sixteenth century church and the ancient village of Sunny Dale, in the distance. 

Rodney the gardener is tending the estate's award winning roses, and appears to be everything a woman could ever want in a man; tall, handsome, clean shaven, caring, helpful, charming, a good listener, friendly, witty, always immaculately dressed, but above all, exciting. Penelope thinks so, as she has agreed to marry him. So does Lady Montgomery. After all, no other gardener has taken the time to help her with her own personal pride and joy, her very own hidden garden. But Lord Montgomery is not so sure.

FAST TRACK YOUR NOVEL (Learn how to write a novel like an expert): - To read a sample of this amazing book, or purchase it in e-book format, follow the link: Fast Track Your Novel

"Fast Track Your Novel" will quickly and simply teach you how to write a novel, without the hassle of wasting years trying to learn the necessary tricks of the trade. "Fast Track Your Novel" is packed with ideas, and is suitable for writers of all abilities, from the first time writer, to the more experienced writer. 

"Fast Track Your Novel" contains a broad range practical information and advice, that is easy to follow and understand. The author has deliberately avoided using generic information, cliches and general phrases, making this book easy to understand.  

"Fast Track Your Novel" will teach you the necessary story elements in detail, and how these elements affect a story. You will discover how to make your story flow seamlessly, so that it tantalizes the reader. You will learn how to create a skeleton plot of your story in as little as 30 minutes, and about the different types of memorable characters, their traits and what their body language means. Discover how to add drama, and tension, control story pace, and use the correct sentence length for different situations. Read about the 5 C's and many more techniques, which will dramatically improve your writing.