Imam JAFAR (ASWS) bin Mohammad (ASWS) who narrates from his father(ASWS) who narrates  from Imam ALI (ASWS) bin HUSAIN (ASWS) who narrates from his  father Imam HUSAIN (ASWS) who said:   
AMEERUL MOMINEEN (ASWS) was sitting in Rahbaha and people were sitting around him when a man stood up and said,

“O AMEERUL MOMINEEN (ASWS), it is ALLAH (SWT) that has placed you in this position however your father will be tortured in Hell.”



“I swear by ALLAH (SWT) who sent MOHAMMAD (SAWW) as a Prophet that if My Father intercedes for all of the sinners on earth, ALLAH (SWT) will accept it. 

How can My Father be in Hell, while I, his son, am the one who divides between Paradise and Hell? I swear by ALLAH (SWT), who sent MOHAMMAD (SAWW) as a Prophet, my father’s Noor on the Day of Judgement exceeds the noor of all creatures except the noor of five noors: the Noor of MOHAMMAD  (SAWW), My (IMAM ALI'S (ASWS)) Noor, the Noor of FATEMA (SA), the Noor of HASAN (ASWS) and HUSAIN (ASWS), and the Noor of the IMAMS (ASWS) from the sons of HUSAIN (ASWS). 

Be aware that ABUTALIB (AS)’s Noor is from OUR NOOR. ALLAH (SWT) created his Noor two thousand years before He created ADAM (AS).” 


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