The Master Himself

His Personality

In that great high bred house and under the care of that merciful father, from whose high instructions and great school HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) had graduated He entered from the wide gate of life armed with the high principles of the great house and the glorious past of his fathers.

HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) was a clear image of a bright past. He had qualities of his father HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS), his grandfather HASHEM (ASWS) and his great grandfathers that made of him that brig ht wonderful image.

No one would deny that HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS), as ALLAH (SWT) was the adopter of the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW) of Islam, who was the perfect image of  man and the ideal copy of humanity.

No one would deny that the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW) had grown, been bought up and spent his youth under the care of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS).

Hence many qualities gathered into the personality of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS), greatness, exaltedness and self-making.

A splendid past and a right present formed a virtuous life that produced ripe fruits and spread fragrance that perfumed the space for the friend and the enemy as the sun when sending its rays to the caves and to the tops of mountains. But the rotten nose wouldn’t smell the redolent fragrance and the sore-eye wouldn't see the rays of the sun.

His Qualities and Virtues

He was so great with his qualities and virtues that no one would ever replace him.

He inherited his father’s qualities. He forgave without being asked for and gave open-handedly without considering it as a doing favor. He often gave people in spite of that he himself was in need of what he gave. He burdened himself with debts lest he would leave a favor his father used to do before.

He began to water the pilgrims as his father had been doing before, after he had dug the well of Zamzam. He often added dates and raisins to the water in order to make it taste sweet.

His qualities impose upon us to believe that he had followed the belief of Prophet Abraham (as). The pre Islamic age with all its filth, evils and sins wouldn’t affect him or make him deviate from the right way he had followed.

It was  so necessary for such a man to exist in a period between two Prophets of after the cease of the divine revelation lest Allah (s.w.t.) wouldn’t be answerable before his people.

There must be a lamp sending a ray as a good omen of shining light later on and there must be a star to guide those, who walked under the darkness of  the night lest they fell into an abyss of deviation. So there must be one like HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS)) to be as evidence of Allah (s.w.t.) before  His people, And really he was.

He was the found of goodness and the protective fortress, to which wronged and weak people resorted, He was the generous, from whose hand the destitute ladle. He was the one, whom people entreated when the Heaven held its rain.

He knew much about divine laws. He was of comprehensive knowledge and science. He forbade himself from drinking wine, committing sins and all of the dirt of polytheism and evils of the low milieu around him. His soul was a high in a wide exalted horizon flying in a pure space.

He was the first one, who enacted the law of (qassama) when Amr bin Alqama was killed. Later on the prophetic Sunna confirmed it.

Ibn Assaker mentioned in his book that Jalhama bin Arfata had said : Once I came to Mecca where it  was a year of rainlessness. Some said Lets go to al-Lat and al-Ozza. Another said Let’s go to Manat. A prudent handsome old man said  “ Why do you turn away whereas the remainder of Abraham and the progeny of Ishmael is among you? They said: As if you mean HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS). He said Yes, I do.

They all, and I was with them, went to Hazrat Abu Talib (as). We knocked at the door. A pretty-faced man cameout. They rushed to him and said: O ABUTALIB (ASWS)  the valley has become rain-less and people have become miserable. Would you please pray to Allah for rain?.

HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) went out with a little boy; it was HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (SAWW), who was as a sun appearing among dark clouds. Hazrat Abu Talib (as)  took the boy and struck his back to the Kaaba. The boy pointed to the heaven with his finger supplicantly. There was not a bit of cloud in the sky. The clouds began to come from here and there, The valley was filled with water and the ground became green and fresh.

With these high qualities, virtues and excellence HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) had had  his high position and made the hearts to submit to him lovingly, surrounded him with respect and glorification and let the leadership to be for him along … and who would be better than him for that ?. He was like his father; a carpet was put to him around the Kaaba and he sat on it alone. Mohammed came and sat with his uncle on the carpet. HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) said My nephew feels blessedness or great glory”.

His Belief In the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)

The poetry of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) had evidence showing that he had known about the prophecy of MOHAMMAD (SAWW)   before he was sent as a prophet according to what the monk Buhayra had told him and according to many other signs. The knowing of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) about the prophecy of MOHAMMAD (SAWW) was mentioned by many historians besides that it was understood through his poetry.

HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) said :” My father read all of the books. He had said : From among my progeny there will be a prophet. I wish I live until that moment to believe in him. Whoever of my progeny attains him is to believe in him .”

He had known definitely and without any bit of doubt that his nephew would be that expected prophet, about whom he and his father had read in the divine books and the divine mission had talked about since the first days of their revelation.

He saw in his nephew things, aspects and qualities that would never be of an ordinary man, who would live and die as if nothing had happened…. Certainly not! He saw in his nephew the most perfect image of the creation of Allah (s.w.t.) since the creation of Adam until the day of resurrection He saw that his nephew was the ideal copy of exaltedness of man with the highest values.

The Miracles

The spring

The historians mentioned that among the signs that preceded the prophecy of the Prophet (s.a.w.w.) was that one day Mohammed was with his uncle HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) in Thul Majaz. HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) felt thirsty and there was o water with them at all. He told his nephew about his thirst. Mohammed (s.a.w.w.) kicked a rock with his leg and water began to flow. HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) drank and then MOHAMMAD (SAWW) kicked the rock again and it returned to its previous state.

You are blessed

HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) saw a clear thing showing a bright sign since MOHAMMAD (SAWW) had joined his family after the death of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS)HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS)'s saw that whenever MOHAMMAD (SAWW) was among them at the meal, the food stuff will not ever get exhausted, even though the entire family had had their fill. If the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW) drank out of a cup then the entire cup would remain full even though everybody had drunk from the very cup later on.