Who He Was

He was one of the Mujahidin, who stood in the fore front. He was one of those who supported the true principles and supported the prophets and the guides of humanity.


A man, who supported the straight belief while all the hearts turned aside for him and all the eyes looked askance at him. Those hearts and eyes scattered grudge, quivered with serious enmity, warned of resistance and disobedience to put out this fresh burning torch.

Some hands stretched to do away with this (new prophet), whose light had cured the sore-eyes, but this strong fort (HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) stood up to them towering, showing his powerfulness and challenging, their reckless will, and then they turned back empty-handed. Grudge increased in the hearts against this supporter but it was as the grudge of the horses against the bridles.


A man, who watered Islam when it was a seed in a barren land, guarded it against the wind whet it was soft and tender and then took care of it when it was  young, It grew and became strong, and the light of guidance spread from  it. No enemy would achieve an aim until the loyal guard of this flowing spring left to the better world and until the flowing spring dried.