His House Hold & Family

His House


In that milieu and in that environment where the feeling was inactive, the sense was lost and the eyes were closed to see every sign showing that God was but one and only with no participant in His rule.


Among these and those of the crowded masses of people a man might excel to see with a new eye and a full-blown heart a ray of light, which would light his way through that darkness.


He read in those books to find that they brought good news about a new Prophet. He saw the nature informing of a new Prophet to be sent. He found everything around him referring to the necessity of the existence of that Prophet and confirming that his expected coming would be soon.


From among those houses there was one house that no thread of that darkness entered and the lamp, which Prophet Abraham (s) had lit, was still alight and no wind could put it out. This house still believed in the true belief of Abraham. This house never doubted about the truthfulness of the mission of Abraham, by which he had proved the monotheism of the One and Only God.


In this faithful house, which neither ignorance nor polytheism had soiled… in this honored house HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) opened his eyes towards the route of life. He saw in this house a life different from the life he saw among people and he lived a life different from that people lived.


His Father


He saw in his father, HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS), the obeyed leader and the respected man, who carried out whatever he said and judged and no one would deny his judgment. He was so generous. He used to serve banquets that even the rider would get his share from upon his camel. Some food was put on the tops of the mountains that birds and beasts might eat from until he was called (the profluent) and (the feeder of the birds of the sky).


He prayed ALLAH (SWT) and ALLAH (SWT) responded to his prayers. He was pleased with by ALLAH (SWT) in the heaven and was praised on the earth; therefore he was called (Shaybatul Hamd; the man of praise).


He saw in his father many excellences that no one other than his father had. HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS)enacted many laws that showed his guidance, sublimity, purity of inner-self and the great faith that he complied with what Abraham (s) had preached at. He forbade himself from drinking wine, forbade marrying the mahrams, limited the circumambulation around the Kaaba with seven turns after it was unlimited, forbade circumambulating around the Kaaba nakedly, ordered to cut the stealer’s hand, forbade adultery, forbade burying newborn girls alive, forbade gambling, forbade eating the meat of the animals sacrificed for the idols, and enacted carrying out the vow.(Ref: As Seerala al Halabiyyavol 1 pg 5, As seera an Nabawiyya, vol 1 Pg 21, Bihar Ul Anwar Vol 6 Page 38, Al Abbas Pg 17,and Yanabee Ul Mawadda , Vol 2 Page 90)


Islam came and ratified all those rules enacted by HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS).


Besides all that HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) refused to lower his head to prostrate before an idol, to worship a solid stone or a ragged piece of wood where he was of high reason, prudence and acumen.(Ref: Ibn Abul Heed in Sahra Nahjol Balagah Vol 1 Page 39


He was the first to devote himself to God in the cave of Hara’ . When the month of Ramadan came, he went up the mountain to worship for some nights and to think about the loftiness and the greatness of ALLAH (SWT).


HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) among his nine brothers when his father HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) taught them his valuable lessons, ordered them to obey the divine orders, forbade them from committing bad doings, ordered them to avoid injustice and oppression, encouraged them to keep to the nobilities of character and warned them of a day where everyone would get one’s reward according to what one had done whether good or bad. HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) often heard his father saying like this: “No unjust one leaves this life unless he is revenged on and is afflicted with punishment.”


Someone defied HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) when an unjust man of Sham died without facing any evil throughout his life. HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) answered: “By ALLAH (SWT), there is another world after this world, in which the benevolent will be rewarded for their benevolence and the evil doers will be punished for their evil doing.”(Ref: As Seerala al HNabwiyya vol 2 pg 21, As seera an Halaviyya, vol 1 Pg 4,  Al Abbas Pg 17,and Al Ghadeer Vol 7 Page 352)


Father's Advice to HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS)


HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) saw his father HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) when he was received the news that his son Abdullah (HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS)'S son) had begot a newborn baby… this newborn baby, which the universe had been waiting for to receive the shine of its brightness. Then he took the baby to the Kaaba to pray to ALLAH (SWT) and to thank Him for this great favor.


HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) took much care of this orphan (MUHAMMAD) and tried his best to bring him up. He looked at this boy with a deep inspective look piercing through the future and seeing that this orphan would make the earth; east or west, submit to his greatness and would make the hears pulse with his love and follow his mission and signs of honoring constantly.


Once he recommended HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) to take care of him: “O ABUTALIB (ASWS), this boy will be of great importance! Protect him and keep to him. Be as mother to him. Don’t let anything bad happen to him.”  (Ref:As Seera Al Halabiyya Vol 1 Page 129)            


The Signs


Some people of Midlaj who knew about archeology said to HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS). “ Take much care for Mohammed. We haven’t seen any foot more similar to the foot (of Abraham )in the shrine.



Once during a meeting the King of Abyssinia ‘Sayf bin Thi Yazan’ told HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) that a boy will be born whose name would be Mohammed, he would be of great importance and HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) will be his guardian. These were one of the many evidences HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) saw, even though even if there were only one it was enough to prove that his grandson Mohammed (s.a.w.w.) was the awaited prophet.


Some barren years passed, it stopped raining and life became difficult for the people. People came to HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) who was notable near ALLAH (SWT) and requested them to intercede for them and that his intercession would not be denied. HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS). prayed to ALLAH (SWT), his prayers were answered and his prayers were answered. What a truthful prayer it was.


His Faith


The life of HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) went of shining with the signs of the expected prophet, abut whom he had read in the divine books, and when he knew that it was his grandson he embraced him to his chest and became his merciful caretaker.


All these clearly shows that Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (as)HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) not only believed in the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  but he was the one who was in fact waiting for him. He loved the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  from the depth of his heart and soul and believed in his prophet hood even before the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  started preaching.


At The Time Of Death


HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) won’t forget the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  who occupied his heart and mind and became more  dear to him than his own sons. He wouldn’t forget him even during the last stages of his life which according to one tradition spanned 125 years and according to other 85 years. When on his death he was worried as to who would take care of the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  , his eyes turned around to choose from amongst his sons the one who would shoulder the responsibility and would take care of his grandson as he used to do. Out of his many sons he selected HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS), who he felt was the most suitable to undertake this heavy task, besides that he had participated in carrying out the task since the light of this shinning lamp had shone. When HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) entrusted HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) with the responsibility of  the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  he accepted the task willingly and delightfully and recited the following couplet which is full of faith and shows his belief in the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW).


You don’t need to recommend me to my duty,

I have heard of the most of wonders,

From every bishop and scholar,

The Monks saying- by the virtue of ALLAH (SWT)-became true.”

(Ref: Al Manaqib Volume 1 Page 21, Al Abbas pg 19, Ayan As ShiaVol 39 Page 125)


These couplets clearly show the level of faith of HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) and his belief in the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  even before he had announced his mission.


HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) further told HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) “Know that you are to follow him as possible as you can and to support him with your tongue, hand and money. By ALLAH (SWT), he will be the master over you and he will rule as no one of my ancestors had ever ruled, Do you accept this ? ”


HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) replied “ I accept and ALLAH (SWT) is the witness of that.”


When HAZRAT ABDUL MUTTALIB (ASWS) heard this he began to flood him with kisses of pity and sympathy of a merciful father saying “ Witness that I have never seen among my sons one more beautiful or more sweet-smelling than you.” (Ref: ABihar ul Anwar, Bol 6 P 43, It is mentioned in different way in IIthbatul Wassiyaa page 107, and Al Hujja P 77


This further shows that HAZRAT ABUTALIB (ASWS) had deep rooted faith in the HOLY PROPHET (SAWW)  and was in every ready to support him even at the cost of his life.