I had a desire deep inside my heart to compile something about HAZRAT ABU TALIB  (AS). I surfed the net to find information about this great personality. As I searched the net to my dismay I found very little information on this great  supporter of Islam, I was really very disappointed at this and my desire to compile something about this Holy Personality became even more strong. 

One day while I was writing my blog, suddenly this desire grew very intense, my feeling at that time cannot be expressed in words. That night when I went home I had in my mind that I had to do something about it. You may call it a divine arrangement that as I opened my cupboard I came across this book " ABUTALIB , The Faithful of Quraysh " peeping at  me, though I had purchased this book long back but had not read it up till now. 

I started reading this book, and as I progressed my love for HAZRAT ABU TALIB  (AS) increased many folds. The writer  Abdullah Al Khunayai has really done a very good job and I congratulate him for the same. I have quoted extensively from this book duplicating entire paragraphs where ever necessary. I have also quoted form the book 'HAZRAT ABU TALIB  (AS) Nabi Ya Wasi' which is also a beautiful book written on this topic.

My post is a tribute from a slave who is the son of a slave and is from the family of slaves to a Master who is the father of a Master and who is from the family of Masters. I feel that if accepted this post is enough for my deliverance in the hereafter.

I shall also eternally be in-debt to my teacher Janab Maulana Sayed Ali Hamid Jafari Sahab who has been a constant source of guidance in my life. 

I have checked and rechecked my posts several times to avoid any mistakes and errors, but being human its always possible that I may have over looked some. Readers may notify me on my email Id, so that together we can give the best to the best.




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