The ultimate goal of this website is to create a site where people can organize gatherings and reunions. One Saturday in September of 2008 I would like to plan a gathering of as many alumni of Mount Abe that can attend an event at the Rec Field in Bristol. I can't do this by myself so I set up this site to have people help me. If we can get ideas from each class as to what to do it would be appreciated. I have already had suggestions of a live band and a food stand so people wouldn't have to bring food.

The second goal of this site is to provide contact information for classmates. My class of 1988 has already lost six members, including four in fifteen months. We had a ten year reunion and skipped the fifteen year reunion. It was November of 2003 when we lost the first of the four. When we lost the fourth one, we decided to start contacting other classmates to organize an e-mail list. It took awhile, but we have e-mails for over 70% of our class. This should make it easier to organize reunions for everyone. Someone in your class might have a sibling or friend in another class that they stay in contact with and could provide you with the contact information you are looking for.

I would like the fall event to be a gathering for everyone but maybe people could organize smaller, five year group reunions or something. The possibilities are endless. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at mauhshomecoming@gmail.com.

I am looking for different ways to contact alumni. I have joined MySpace and Facebook to find some people. I really don't want to join Classmates.com because it is just a marketing gimmick used to send you targeted junk mail but there are 895 people registered there that said they attended Mount Abe. I have placed posters around Bristol and New Haven hoping to attract more people but I think the best thing is word of mouth.

There is not a lot of contact information on here yet but I think there can be if we just get the word out. I have received e-mails from students from 1975 to 1997 and most years in between. I realize not everyone has computer access but if you have a friend that wants to share information, print out the questionnaire and have them mail it in to Mount Abraham Homecoming Committee, P.O. Box 119, New Haven, VT 05742. I have also talked to some current and former teachers and some want to know what is going on with former students. Click on the survey link to talk about Industrial Arts and Technical Education classes.

This site is just starting. Maybe once we get more input we could create a newsletter that can be e-mailed to members on a quarterly basis. There are many things that can be done with this site, we just need input from Alumni.