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Mount Abraham Union High School first opened for students in the fall of 1968 and had its first graduating class in 1969. The Class of 2008 is the 40th Class to graduate from Mount Abe. To my knowledge no one has attempted to start any sort of Alumni Club or form any kind of homecoming committee. I would like to try and change that.

My name is Sean Havey and I graduated from Mount Abe in 1988, the 20th graduating class. I would like to set this site up as a central meeting place for all alumni of Mount Abe. I think this site can become something special if we get input from members of every graduating class. I have already set up a website for the Class of 1988. I would be willing to help people set up similar pages for their specific graduating classes. My goal is to contact enough alumni to try and coordinate some sort of Homecoming Committee so that we can celebrate the Eagle Spirit in every corner of the world that we now have alumni. If you would like to contribute information or a link to this site, please send me an e-mail at

You always say you will stay in touch, and at first you do. But then life happens and you lose track. I would like this site to be a source of information for everyone to share.

I finally got the copies of the graduation programs from Bev Mayer. Thank you to Bev. I have started entering the data from each program and noticed that some of the names in the last column got cut off. I apologize in advance to anyone that I did not spell their names right. I am going off what was listed in the programs and also might make a mistake or two in typing. Some programs identified exchange students and I tried to, in turn, identify them on each class page. If you can help identify who the exchange students were in your class it would be appreciated.

I have added links to group pages on MySpace and Facebook. If this helps get more people to this site, all the better. I have added a Did you know link to list alumni with high profile positions. Do you know anyone that should be added?

Class Links

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Current and former teachers, click here!

Memorial Page

I have added a Memorial Page to the site. It will be updated whenever we are notified about a classmate or teacher passing away. I have entered names off the programs and have tried to identify those that I know have passed away. I apologize if I have listed someone in your class page that has passed away. Please notify me if there is anyone listed that has passed away. 

Please click here to see the list

Questionnaires & Surveys

Below is a link for a questionnaire to provide some information about yourself to your classmates and fellow alumni.

Click here to fill out a questionnaire.

If you know someone that wants to share information but does not have computer access, print out the questionnaire above and have them mail it to :

Mount Abraham Homecoming Committee

P.O. Box 119

New Haven, VT 05472

Industrial Arts / Technical Education Survey


Why am I doing this?

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