Itinerary – New York City Field Trip – May 25, 2018

                     5:15am -   Students arrive at the circle at Mount Anthony Union High School

                     5:30am –  Depart from Mount Anthony Union High School

                    10:30am – Arrive at Circle Line for 2 hour boat tour of Manhattan

                    12:30pm – Board bus and head to Central Park where students will eat lunch

                    1:00pm -    Arrive at Central Park to eat lunch                    

                    2:15pm –   Walk to Metropolitan Museum of Art

                    2:30pm –   Self Guided tour of the Met until 5:30

                    5:30pm –   Board bus for Yankee Stadium

                    7:05pm -    Arrive at Yankee Stadium

                    10:30pm – Depart New York City to head to Bennington

                     2:30 – 3:00am – Arrive at Mount Anthony Union high School

Parents can click on the link below the Google Calendar titled, "Dear Parents" 

to get full detail of what our day will look like.

Freshman Academy,
May 4, 2018, 7:38 AM