Civic Engagement

(In reverse chronological order)
  • Assumed all directive responsibilities for Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition's non-partisan voter engagement activities with only 11 days notice before the 2008 General Election, the final GOTV drive made completed contacts to over 77% of targeted voter households. Supervised five staff who managed the predictive dialer, canvassing, hand billing, poll-working, text messaging and rides to the polls.

  • Established a 2006 Get Out the Vote program, in partnership with the NAACP Virginia Beach, which contacted 32,368 households and made 37,988 phone calls to infrequent voters in Norfolk and Virginia Beach's African American communities.  Organized an innovative, online voter call system and trained canvassers the system operations. Created volunteer training and voter education materials, and set up reporting protocols. 

  • Drafted materials & provided administrative support for the 2002 Transit Vote program, which registered over 60,000 low-income people in 17 states.