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Van Wishingrad (M.Sc. student)


B.A. Biology &
Psychology, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA (2009)

Research Interests:

Predator-prey interactions; habitat selection; chemical ecology; wildlife biology.

I am interested in the interaction between habitat ecology, defensive morphology, and antipredator behaviour. Defensive morphology (e.g. cryptic colouration; body armouring) may impact behavioural responses to predators and influence habitat use. My thesis focuses on how development of these defenses alters antipredator behaviour in a morphologically ancestral ‘living fossil’ fish, Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens, Acipenseridae). I am also interested in how animals use and move throughout habitats in the wild. I am exploring aspects of this question in the field. I like to use both laboratory and field methods to answer questions about nature, because I believe they are both invaluable tools for evolutionary ecology research from a behavioural and population ecology perspective. 

Van started in June 2011. His work is co-supervised by Doug Chivers (Biology, U of S). 

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