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mature grannies videos
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On Off Switch for Telephone Fax Internet Modem and Any Device connected to a Single Line Phone Jack. The Telephone Remote Interrupt Control Kit. The "TRICK". Amazon Exclusive.
On Off Switch for Telephone Fax Internet Modem and Any Device connected to a Single Line Phone Jack. The Telephone Remote Interrupt Control Kit. The "TRICK". Amazon Exclusive.
How many times have you wished you could temporarily disconnect your telephone or fax or modem or anything plugged into a standard single-line RJ-11 telephone jack? If you have a Home Business phone you can turn it off after hours, or any phone that you want to avoid the ringing for some peace and quiet. Maybe you have a fax or an all-in-one that seems to be inundated by junk faxes or you just want to control incoming calls. Using the 25ft extension cord allows you to add an extension on the patio or in the garage and lets you turn if off so it won't be available for everyone to use. Have you used your computer for non-internet activities and all of a sudden had it preoccupied with something in the background that was happening on the internet without your knowledge? Maybe some software was updating itself automatically or another was communicating with your computer for other internet activities. Not to mention the potential of some unknown hacker out for some fun at your expense. Oh, you could unplug their power cords which may not be very easily accessible but then you would have to wait for them to reset the next time that you want to use them. Not very practical or efficient especially if you do it frequently or are in a hurry. Now, with this safe and simple invention, you can rest assured that you are not at risk of having any of these things happen ever again. The TRICK is simple. It consists of an intermediary Control with a simple on/off toggle switch which physically disconnects your phone line. It plugs directly between your device and the wall phone jack. Simply remove the phone cable from your device and plug it into either Control jack. Then plug the phone extension cord provided, into the other Control jack and then to your device. Once in place, you can relax while knowing that using your telephone device is but a flick of the TRICK switch away. Both you and your computer can sleep safely and uninterrupted. Makes a great gift!

Mature Fitness
Mature Fitness
I love some of the free things people leave on the folding table in the laundry room. Fortunately for me, my DVD player has VHS capability. Otherwise, I'd be one BetaMax away from enjoying this. I love how it's still in the wrapper, unopened, with a $19.95 price tag still on it. I wonder if I should give this to Mom. Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois. Friday, January 4, 2013.
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dancin' grannies
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