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    fashion models
  • (fashion model) mannequin: a woman who wears clothes to display fashions; "she was too fat to be a mannequin"
  • (Fashion modeling) Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Allure.
  • A model (from Middle French modele), sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotionall purposes or who poses for works of art.
  • (of a person or animal) Become physically mature
  • (of a person) Reach an advanced stage of mental or emotional development
  • characteristic of maturity; "mature for her age"
  • develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation; "He matured fast"; "The child grew fast"
  • fully considered and perfected; "mature plans"
  • Develop fully
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Pretty Models All in a Row
Pretty Models All in a Row
Ed Wood himself stars in his final directorial effort, a lighthearted little nudie romp about a girl-crazy old man who poses as a photographer to entice beautiful models to his home. It's such an effective ruse that he not only coaxes his subjects out of their clothes ("It's for invisible clothes," he insists) and into his bedroom, but the unending stream of babes (along with the odd delivery man) turn his private little romp into a giggly orgy. This being an Ed Wood film, he also dresses up in women's lingerie when the angry agency owners put him on a leash and make him grovel for his impertinence. Barely over an hour long, the production plays like a primitive, unpolished version of a Playboy video--it features full nudity but no hardcore pornography--and Wood makes a remarkably genial lead. It's sad to see the cult director bow out with such material, but it's to his credit that he lends an air of innocence and exuberance to such a flesh-filled trifle. The film was originally called The Love Feast, as the Laugh-In-inspired body-paint credits remind us. --Sean Axmaker

Blonde Mature Model
Blonde Mature Model
A blonde model poses outside in an urban environment
2009 0411 Koree 028-Edit
2009 0411 Koree 028-Edit
2009 0411 Koree
mature fashion models
SureWells Chinese New Year On Sale 10% off Women's Fashion Mature Oblique Bangs Big Wave Long Hair Replacement
Brand: SureWells

Recommended features:
1. Super natural wig , suitable for almost every lady aged from teenagers to adults.
2. With the high technology, Miss Beauty wig series are quite soft and smooth without frizz which improves the ability of immunity. The special process of flat and dull color makes the wig more real as your real hair.
3. Made of high quality natural rubber, the scalp is compressive and heat resistance with textures like the real hair skin. 4. Colors : as picture. Easy to wear.
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Instructions :
1Wrap your hair tightly into a high ponytail and wrap a hairband around it.Then separate your hair into two ponytails, which are pulled tightly.
2.Wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail, placing your fingers in the middle of the wrap to pull the end piece of the ponytail between the wrap to create a knot.
3. Press down on the bun. Place long or short bobby pins into the hair to secure the bun and keep it close to the skull.
4. Place a wig cap on your head. Push all strands of hair that are on the side, the back, and front of your head, under the cap, creating a smooth surface.
5. Brush the wig gently with a wig brush to remove tangles and knots.
6. Make sure the adjustable straps are hidden in back of the wig.Adjust the wig to cover the cap and to fit perfectly around and on top of your head. Make sure that the ear tabs are evenly placed above the ears.
7. Pin the sides of the wig to the wig cap and to your hair. Brush the wig again on your head.
* Please kindly note it's not REAL PERSON HAIR , the model wearing WIG is just for show *
* The decoration is just for show,not including the package*
Gender : Ladies
Material : High temperature wire
Hairline : Natural Hairline Hair
Style:Sweet and Cute type
Package included: * 1x Beautiful Wig * 1x Durable Wig Cap