The Institute for Colourisation

Adding colour to the past for the benefit of future generations.

The Institute for Colourisation (INSTCOL) provides a network for colourists on a global scale.

We are instrumental in creating known broadcast standards for colourisation work, ensuring that colourised materials are true to the realism expressed by the Director and where the footage is of naturalised space that colours used are correct to the original recording environment.

We are keen to involve fashion consultants, colourists, post production technicians, archive holders, legal professionals, media marketing specialsts and enthusiasts to ensure a balanced forum.

The Institute supports the wiki which is a focus area and community of practice for highly talented individuals operating in this field of work. As a person with an interest in colourisation, if you feel that you have anything to contribute pertaining to the technology of colourisation, you are encouraged to make this publicly available on the wiki.

News: As a result of extensive research legal protection of the endorsed colourisation process is held by the Institute.

Copyright for the wiki is now protected under a Creative Commons license.

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