Simulations, Modelling, and Other Work

This page shows some work that I did in the past.  I hope you find it interesting!  -Matt.                     


Current Electronics Project

    I am currently working on a remote control mini boat.  Radio contact is achieved with a RF link, and a PIC is used on both sides to send and receive the data.  

     The structure of the boat uses a differential motor setup to control direction.  This allows for both speed and directional control without the need of a rudder control.

     The circuitry for the boat is completed; all that remains is to build the structural parts of the boat, which should not take to much time.  I hope to upload pictures and the PIC files for this some time soon.


Qbasic 3D Picture

Matlab 3D Movie     What You Are Seeing    Matlab Code


 Other Qbasic Pictures 



Qbasic Quantum Simulation:

First Bloch Wave For Particle Traveling Above Periodic Lattice


Qbasic Program (.bas)

EP4A04 Project Robots:

Line-Following Guidance System: Capacitance Measurer

See: for more info.


Matlab Sim

  Lanthium NMR Field Sweep Data with Powder Pattern Simulation


See: Imai Group, McMaster University for more info.

CygwinSome Links


The Power of 10

     - See how big the universe that God created really is!


Some of My Favorite Software

Windows Scripting Software:

        My AutoHotKey Script

Photo Editing Software:

 Text Editing:

        VIM Text Editor

General Scripting:


PIC Microcontroller Software:

        WinPic Programmer 

        MPLab (from

 Cygwin (Linux emulator for Windows)